New Astronaut Training Experience Center at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER – The race to Mars has already begun, and with the opening of the new Astronaut Training Experience®


(ATX) at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex this December, guests will be the first to
“touch down” on the Red Planet. The all-new Astronaut Training Experience will use immersive
simulation technology to transport participants to Mars, train them to live and work in the
harshest environment, and teach them what it’s like to travel to the Red Planet, using real NASA
science to address engineering challenges.
Astronaut Training Experience will boast the most high-tech, hands-on activities available at
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex through two distinct programs: Astronaut Training
Experience, for which Training Segments will be available to guests as of December 18, and
Mars Base 1, which opens in January 2018. Astronaut Training Experience will provide an
opportunity for visitors to train like an astronaut preparing for a mission to Mars. Mars Base 1
will provide participants with a chance to live on Mars for seven hours, as “rookie astronauts,”
while performing base operations along with real science experiments and engineering tasks.
“We’re offering something that most people thought they would never get to do in their
lifetime,” Therrin Protze, chief operating officer of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex said.
“For anyone who has wondered what it would be like to feel like an astronaut, to train like they
train, face the challenges and issues they have to work though while under extreme pressure,
Astronaut Training Experience and Mars Base 1 is now available to everyone.”


Upon entering the Astronaut Training Experience Center, guests will be surrounded by ambiance
that replicates actual astronaut training techniques and experiences. A sleek design, realistic
signage and sophisticated technology provide a sense of authenticity. Excitement builds as
participants are handed life-like badges and special-issue t-shirts to immerse them in the
program, and their assignments, which are led by expertly trained educators – their “Trainers”
and “Lab Chiefs.”
Through the programs and associated assignments, participants will work together by taking on
specific roles to address challenges and solve problems:
In the Astronaut Training Experience program, groups of up to 24 will simultaneously work in
multiple training areas that will replicate astronaut training of the future. Trainees will attempt the
same physical tasks of the actual astronauts who will travel to Mars, by working within reproduced
environmental scenarios, such as the Land-and-Drive-on-Mars full-motion simulator, Walk-onMars
virtual reality, Launch Mission and Spacewalk Training.
Mars Base 1 provides the ultimate simulation of not just traveling to Mars, but living and
working there for an entire day. Offered to individuals and groups, the mission begins with a
“transport” to Mars. At three different stations within Mars Base 1, participants will be assigned
real-life challenges that require analytic thinking, communication and collaboration. For
example, in the Mars Engineering Lab, “rookie astronauts” will design and test a program that
allows a team of robots to efficiently clear debris from a photovoltaic panel, restoring maximum
solar power to the Base. They will also partner with scientists working on NASA’s Food
Production by planting, harvesting, and analyzing vegetables and plants as they gather data in a
series of controlled experiments taking place in the Mars Botany Lab.


Now located among the other attractions at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and offered
as an add-on to regular admission or purchased separately, Astronaut Training Experience
activities are designed with a focus on problem solving, communication and collaboration,
making them ideal for team building in an interesting and inspirational environment. Programs
will range from 30- and 45-minute experiences easily added to a Kennedy Space Center Visitor
Complex day, to a few hours or two, three- and five-day camp programs, providing the
opportunity to participate based on interest level and specific educational needs.
“The new Astronaut Training Experience Center is the most interactive and technologically
advanced experience at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex,” said Protze. “ATX and Mars
Base 1 bring the future of space exploration to life. Guests looking to get as close to Mars as
possible without actually becoming an astronaut will be able to have that opportunity at the new
Astronaut Training Experience Center.”
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex brings to life the epic story of the U.S. space program,
offering a full day or more of fun, inspiration and educational activities. Highlights include
Heroes & Legends, featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®, presented by Boeing, the
Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour featuring the Apollo/Saturn V Center with an actual Saturn V
moon rocket, Space Shuttle Atlantis®, Shuttle Launch Experience®, IMAX® A Beautiful Planet
3D and Journey To Space 3D films, Astronaut Encounter, Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted,
Science on a Sphere®, Rocket Garden, Cosmic Quest, and many other exhibits.

Only 45 minutes from Orlando, Fla., Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex opens daily at 9 a.m. with closing
times varying by season. Please contact our office to purchase your discount Kennedy Space Center tickets TODAY!

Treat Yourself to Something Different with a Tour of the Stunning Orlando Space Center

Sure, the Disney parks, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are exciting, but sometimes you’re looking for something a little bit different.  The Orlando Space Center is the perfect destination for when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the main theme parks.  Set within the historic Florida Space Coast district, visitors to Orlando can experience the new Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit, take a tour of a real-life a launch pad and even have lunch with an astronaut.  It’s a very different experience from having lunch with Mickey Mouse or riding the Tower of Terror at Universal, but it’s something that your family will never forget.

At the Orlando Space Center,  our country’s innovative space exploration program is honored in a beautiful way, with a historic museum, amazing exhibits and even a regular schedule of dazzling rocket launches.  The launches are so popular that some hotels in the surrounding area even offer special “launch specials” designed around the public viewing schedule!

The best part about visiting the Kennedy Space Center is the experiences that the whole family will enjoy, as the park contains plenty of age-appropriate fun for kids of all ages and enough exciting exhibits to keep everyone entertained.  This is one Orlando destination that is a can’t miss and definitely one that you will never forget.

Save money on your visit to the Space Center and all of the things to see on Orlando’s Space Coast by purchasing discounted tickets from an authorized ticket seller.  You can save big when you purchase ticket this way versus buying them at the Center, and you can skip the lines at the door.  When you want to get the most out of your time in Orlando, buying discounted tickets ahead of time is the easiest way to maximize your budget and your fun!  See for yourself how easy it is to save by checking out the latest Kennedy Space Center deals before your next trip to Florida’s beautiful Space Coast and all that is has to offer.

Disney Alternatives: Save Big on a NASA Tour, Busch Gardens and Sea World!

When most people think of visiting Florida, they automatically think of the Disney parks.  While visiting Magic Kingdom and all of the other fun Disney resort locations is definitely a worthwhile experience for the right crowd, there are many other things to see and do while you’re here in sunny Florida.  Save big on tickets to a NASA Tour, Busch Gardens and even SeaWorld Orlando and see some different yet exciting sides to Florida that you may never have even considered.

If you’ve got a little astronaut or future scientist in your family, make sure you check out cheap tickets to the Kennedy Space Center to experience the NASA space program for yourself.  Tickets to the museum include a fully immersive experience that explores the history of our country’s space program.  Check out the now-retired Space Shuttle Atlantis face-to-face, experience the thrill of a shuttle launch in the state of the art simulator and even dine with an real-life astronaut!   The Kennedy Space Center in Orlando offers these experiences and more at a great price.

If you are looking  for another great alternative to Disney parks, be sure to check out Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens isn’t just a theme park, it’s a zoo and entertainment venue that provides an immersive African experience from start to finish.  See exotic animals, ride some of the fastest roller coasters in the area and have an amazing experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Finally, when considering alternatives to the traditional Disney vacation, don’t forget about SeaWorld.  SeaWorld can be a super fun way not just to have fun but to cool off as well.  The park has it’s traditional animal entertainment, and it also proudly offers some thrilling rides and great dining opportunities as well.

See for yourself how easy it is to have fun outside of the Disney theme parks by checking out the great deals on some of the other great parks today!   You can save big, have some new and incredible experiences and create some fantastic vacation memories for the whole family.  Start planning your next trip to Florida today and save big.

Try Something New This Year with a NASA Tour in Florida

Are you looking for a new experience for your family that will make your next trip to Florida stand out from previous vacations?  Do you have a young scientist in the family who would appreciate seeing real-life items used as part of our country’s space exploration program?  You may want to consider adding a NASA tour in Florida to your list of vacation activities!  Exploring the Kennedy Space Center and seeing all of the wonderful artifacts and other items put on display by NASA is something fun and different that the entire family can appreciate.  When you shop around for discounted tickets, it can be incredibly affordable as well.

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, home of the NASA tour, is an exciting change of pace from the Disney parks.  When you’re ready for a break from the long lines and crowds in Orlando, spend a day exploring this one of a kind complex that includes the new Space Shuttle Atlantic Exhibit, a cutting edge IMAX 3-D theater, the US. Astronaut Hall of Fame and lots of great activities and exhibits.  For those that want to escape the hustle and bustle of the theme park areas of Orlando, taking the easy drive out to the Kennedy Space Center is definitely a fun way to go.

Kids of all ages (and grownups too!) will appreciate everything there is to see and experience when they include a NASA tour of the Kennedy Space Center in their next trip.  It’s a wonderful destination for families, offering awe-inspiring sights and plenty of activities to easily fill an entire day.  Kennedy Space Center in Florida is definitely an “out of the world” national treasure.

Save money on your NASA tour by purchasing discounted passes online either before you arrive in Florida or when planning your trip.  It’s a great way to save money on your visit and it makes it much easier to bring the whole family for an adventure in space travel that they will never forget.

Year 2013 Saw the Arrival of Some Great New Theme Park Attractions in Orlando

Orlando's World Famous Rides Keep GROWING!!!

Orlando's World Famous Rides Keep GROWING!!!

The Official Ticket Center ~ Orlando theme park attractions are the most exciting entertainment choices for the ever-increasing fan base. There always exist a special bonding between the parks and those passionate about adventure-rides and other incredible fun-activities in this most magically placed location of the world. Whether it’s WDW (Walt Disney World) resort, SeaWorld or Universal Studios for that matter, the experience we have is beyond dreams. Moreover, what interests me lot about the parks is their ability to stay fresh and more special with every returning visit. I believe it’s the precious bond between the parks and the fans that have kept these most inspired and wonderful ambiences ever evolving. And like every passing year, the year 2013 too had seen its share of extraordinary development in this regard. Thanks to all the latest theme park endeavors in taking forward our experience to the next level with every new visit.
The advent of new attractions in 2013, such as the Springfield USA area – the hometown of America’s most beloved family (the Simpsons) at Universal Studios is a memorable development that needs no further introduction. For the first time guests were able to physically step inside the world of the country’s longest-running animated TV- series in history. Again, the arrival of Transformers: The Ride 3D is another blockbuster ride attraction that Universal had introduced till date. It’s the first of its kind intense 3D simulator experience one can have in Orlando.
Another iconic theme park addition during 2013 is the launched of the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin attraction- one of SeaWorld’s historic offerings. The new and unique attraction had re-defined our ride experience for all times to come. Also for the first time theme park guests can see, touch and feel the most challenging habitats of the remote world real-time in such purest form. Gliding along and into the bottom of the Earth amidst below-freezing environs is just a premium experience only SeaWorld can offer today.
Again at Disney World, it seems every trip comes with new surprises and fun. It’s a constant evolution out there. And one of the major highlights of 2013 is the Princess Fairytale Hall- the latest addition to WDW’s epic expansion plan. A visit to this most lavishly decorated castle-themed ambiance in Magic Kingdom’s – Fantasyland area is just another out of the box fairytale experience only possible with Disney.
Also beyond the theme-park thrills, year 2013 has something much bigger to offer- NASA’s best kept secret had been revealed. And for all space lovers it’s a dream come true. Just have an up-close encounter with the giant Shuttle at the newly launched Atlantis Exhibit in Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex – and your perceptions about space will be changed forever.
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Experiencing the NASA Kennedy Space Center with Your Family for Less

If you are looking for the ultimate Florida adventure for your family this year, the NASA Kennedy Space Center is the premier destination for all ages. You don’t have to pay full price for Kennedy Space Center tickets, however, as there are plenty of great deals out there that make it easy and affordable for you and your family to experience the sights and sounds of one of America’s most valuable and important pieces of history.

For less than the cost of tickets bought at the attraction, you and your family can embark on an adventure that you’ll never forget at the Kennedy Space Center. Watch a test rocket launching from the legendary Cape Canaveral, site of hundreds of launches, or take in the historical exhibits at the US Astronauts Hall of Fame. All it takes is a short, 45-minute drive from Orlando to gain access to a spectacular set of sights that the whole family will enjoy.

Getting discounted tickets to the famed Kennedy Space Center means that your family can see everything that this amazing attraction has to offer for less. While the details of each offer varies, discounted tickets typically include access to the new Space Shuttle Atlantic Exhibit, the Shuttle Launch Experience simulation adventure, the IMAX 3-D theater and the US Astronaut Hall of Fame. It’s an affordable way to see a different side of Florida that is outside of the usual theme park experience.

Looking for a break from the crowds at the larger parks? Just a short drive from Orlando, Kennedy Space Center offers a great family experience that will create lasting memories. The best part about seeing the space center for less is that you get an entire day’s worth of fun in one easy to find location. Offering a full range of tours, attractions and learning opportunities, the Kennedy Space Center is the perfect destination to add to your next Florida family vacation.

A National Treasure Comes to Florida ~ Shuttle Atlantis

Ger Up Close and Personal

Ger Up Close and Personal

The Official Ticket Center ~ It is always exciting to know as much about space ships and their mysterious missions. But what if you have the opportunity to explore such amazing machinery in real-time – the excitement exceeds beyond all imaginations. And the same is true to the recently opened all new Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit at The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. This iconic Shuttle is finally grounded to all who wish to have the most incredible space experience ever.

The new permanent $100 million Exhibition is a dream come true experience for many. It promises some of the most thrilling and breathtaking sights, including 360-degree view of its centerpiece attraction and the world’s first reusable spacecraft- The Atlantis Space Shuttle. Thanks to KSC (Kennedy Space Center) for this unique opportunity.

After accomplishing 33 historic space missions, the nation’s most iconic space orbiter is now made available in such amazing and enticing display for all to explore. The loyal Floridians and KSC admirers also believed that no other space shuttle in the US is dedicated to this magnitude of showmanship. Moreover, the new Atlantis Exhibit is seen as a much welcomed addition to Florida’s ever-expanding space arsenal and is expected to boost visitors’ attendance by large numbers.

According to the many visitors and fans at the recently held grand preview party, it is all about getting up-close encounters with a real and incredible Space Ship for the first time in life. It appears as if the giant Shuttle is flying in space. From its meticulously perched angle, 30 feet above the ground, it unfolds the priceless story of an incredible engineering marvel, just inches away from the thousands of awe inspiring gazes. And as you delve in – you will be wowed by the jaw-dropping sights of this majestic orbiter- be it the opened payload bay doors or views of the outstretched robotic arm. Bathed in electrifying lighting, the mighty orbiter promises to fulfill the most fancied space dreams ever.

The space shuttle Atlantis is one of NASA‘s most beloved and nostalgic space-crafts that has ever landed for public viewing that is on a permanent display basis. While it becomes the dream shuttle for all the viewers and onlookers now, the giant orbiter also reflects a bitter sentiment with many. For the former astronauts and those who had worked with the Shuttle during its good old days, it’s a bit difficult to accept the amazing machinery as a mere show-piece. But at the same time they have also expressed their feelings of pride while viewing the space craft in such magnificent and exhilarating display.

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Vehicle Assembly Building Opens to Guests at the Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

Kennedy Space Center FL. ~ For the First Time in More than 30 Years, Guests Are Invited Inside Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to See Where Rockets are Built

For more than 30 years, tour buses have driven guests past the 525-foot tall Vehicle Assembly Building, or VAB, at Kennedy Space Center,   pointing out the massive building in which Apollo V rockets, and later, space shuttles, were assembled for launch. But only a select few, including astronauts, NASA officials and space center personnel, have ever had the opportunity to go inside the building – until now.

For the first time since 1978, guests at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will have the chance to disembark their tour buses and tour inside the VAB to see firsthand where monstrous vehicles were assembled for launch, from the very first Saturn V rocket in the late 1960s to the very last space shuttle, STS-135 Atlantis, earlier this year.

The opportunity to visit the VAB will be offered for a limited time to a limited number of Visitor Complex guests per day as part of KSC Up-Close, a new two-hour, guided special interest tour.* Beginning Nov. 1, the tour will be offered eight times daily for $25 for adults and $19 for children ages 3-11, plus the cost of admission which is $43 + tax for adults and $33 + tax for children ages 3-11.

Making this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity even more special, for a very limited time, guests on the KSC Up-Close tour may see a space shuttle orbiter inside the VAB as they are being prepared for display in their new homes in Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC and Florida.

The $100 million exhibit for Atlantis will be the marquee element of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s 10-year master plan. Initial design concepts for the 65,000 square-foot home for the orbiter include viewing the space shuttle “in flight,” showing how the spacecraft worked in space and providing a unique vantage point for guests to look at the complex vehicle up close. Complementing the orbiter display will be interactive features reflecting major accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.

Officials with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex plan to break ground on Atlantis’ new home in 2012 with a grand opening planned for 2013. The orbiter home will be located in the Shuttle Plaza at the main Visitor Complex; incorporating the Shuttle Launch Experience attraction.

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 10 Year Master Plan

NASA officials announced on 4/12/11 that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has been selected to permanently display space shuttle Atlantis upon retirement of the Space Shuttle Program. Atlantis, one of three orbiters in the space shuttle fleet, will fly the last scheduled space shuttle mission before being retired in 2011. 


The $100 million exhibit for Atlantis will be the marquee element of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s 10-year master plan. Initial design concepts for the 65,000 square-foot home for the space-flown orbiter include viewing the space shuttle “in flight,” showing how the spacecraft worked in space and providing a unique vantage point for guests to look at the complex vehicle up close. Complementing the orbiter display will be interactive features reflecting major accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.


Officials with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex plan to break ground on Atlantis’ new home in 2012 with a grand opening planned for 2013. The orbiter home will be located in the Shuttle Plaza at the main Visitor Complex; incorporating the Shuttle Launch Experience attraction. To purchase your Kennedy Space Center Tickets, please call our office toll free at 1-877-406-4836 TODAY.

Space Shuttle Discovery Lands For The Last Time

Discovery's Last Misson Comes To An End


Kennedy Space Center FL. ~ Today at 11:53 am, the space shuttle Discovery flew over my house for the last time. As I stood out in my backyard in Davenport, which is in central Florida, the two sonic booms let me know that everything was ok with Discovery’s  re-entry and that she was just a few miles from being home. Continue reading