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The Cup That Cares

Visiting the world famous theme parks in Orlando is a dream come true experience for any. But when it comes to a more conscious and responsible vacation, I think SeaWorld Orlando is probably a better option. The Park besides being the global leader in marine attractions is also known for its unique conservation activities such as – the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, a no profit initiative that helps protect wildlife worldwide. Following its environmentalist approach, the Park comes with another new fun program in the form of a more innovative and interactive penguin cup, namely Cup That Cares.

The new reusable cup program offers you the opportunity to enjoy the thrills in a more special and personalized format. With the Cup That Cares program guests will be able to reuse materials and reduce their carbon footprint at personal levels. Each cup comes with an embedded RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip which calculates and tells guests how conscious they are environmentally. Every-time they choose to reuse the cup at any of the installed soft-drink dispensers, the software calculates the specific amount of Carbon- dioxide each guest saves. It is interesting to know that every refill with a re-usable cup will save about 27 grams of Carbon- dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

The new program is exclusively available at the park’s newest attraction- Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin which opens on May-24, 2013. The Antarctica attraction is the biggest and most expansive ride adventure that the park has to offer till date. Here while the world’s most freezing ride takes you on an epic journey down into the bottom amidst wildest habitats, the new penguin cup program enables you to engage in activities that encourage the well-being of such natural habitats and environs around us.

Guests have a choice of two distinct cup options- Cup That Cares souvenir reusable cup and Create A Cup That Cares at 9.99 USD and 15.95 USD onwards. The Cup That Cares features the picture of the penguin hero Puck and is available at any of the two beverage outlets within the attraction site, while Create A Cup That Cares offers the flexibility to create your own penguin-shaped character cup and will be available at the Antarctica gift shop.

The new cup program is indeed a great conservation-minded initiative by the Park. We should do whatever little we can to save our environment. Thanks to SeaWorld for this wonderful thought and hope that the cup program will keep the spirit of awareness alive and active among the guests.

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