Disney World Marathon – The Most Magical Race Ever

Mickey's Marathons in the Heart of Disney

Mickey's Marathons in the Heart of Disney

Imagine a course that tends to lead you through the world’s most amazing attractions and sights. Imagine a race that allows you to explore fantasies of such magical heights. When your act of running teams up with the world’s most incredible mix of imaginations and cheers the experience just gets even more impressive and inspiring. And I think if ever there is a race of ultimate fun and adventure on Earth – it happens to be a Disney-run and only a Disney-run!

It’s true that running a marathon race is a matter of great pride and glory for any, but the prospects of doing it right in the middle of the world’s most happiest place with all the fun and adventure is a different experience altogether. Whether you are running to compete with each other or doing it just for fun, the atmosphere here is always magical.

Moreover, the Disney World Marathon races are the best fun-run experiences one can have. They combine the best of run and fun unlike any other. From the most compelling start to an exhilarating finish they are the real racing delights- the complete fun treats for a runner unlike any other. Thanks to WDW (Walt Disney World) for all its unique initiatives in this regard. Every year whether it’s a Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge or Dopey Challenge you opt for, the experience is always special and out of the world.

The ability to bring together such an inspiring mix of magic, charm and wonder in a running event is undoubtedly a unique offer only possible with the Disney World Marathon. Truly, it’s not just about the race alone; it’s the magical mix of fun, run and the incredible course what makes the Disney World Marathon the most amazing dream race event ever. As a theme park fan, I think the unique race is a must participate occasion for all. It’s not only one of the most fun-filled race events in the US, it also offers a unique opportunity to experience the four parks like never before.

Held annually, the Disney World Marathon brings to you a selection of great racing options. Irrespective of whether you are running for the first time, or enjoying the run with entire family, or a veteran in the profession the Disney World 5K race is a great option to start with. If you are looking for a little bigger challenge the Half Marathon with over 13 amazing miles is a great option. And the challenge gets tougher still with the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, about 39.3 miles and the Dopey Challenge which stretches over 48.6 miles. With four premier theme parks and endless magical miles to cover, it’s almost a dream come true opportunity for all.

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Why This is the Year You Should Experience Disney with Disneyworld Tickets You Can Afford

If you’ve been wanting to make a trip to Orlando, you may be thrilled to learn that visiting Disneyworld is easier than ever for those that are on a budget.  There are so many different options both within the Disney resort walls and in the surrounding areas of Orlando that even the most budget-conscious travellers can find a deal that works for them.  Don’t let 2014 come to a close without planning your Disney vacation and make sure you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest deals on this exciting and memorable theme park experience.

One of the biggest reasons that Disneyworld tickets are now super affordable is the easy availability of affordable park tickets.  Instead of trying to save up points through your grocery store or looking for deals on the Disney parks website, shoppers can now save big by buying discounted tickets online.  Plus, buying tickets in advance means you can skip those long lines at the gate, and you’ll pay less as well.

Cheap Disney tickets are easy to find and they typically offer multiple visit days at one affordable price.  You get to see more for less when you take advantage of these types of Disney Orlando deals, which is why they are so popular for families who are looking to save the most on their vacation.

Visiting one of the most popular theme parks in the world doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  If you are planning a Disney-tastic vacation for your family, there are plenty of lodging, airfare and dining deals that make it possible to plan the trip of a lifetime.  Shop carefully and check out your options today, and you can see just how affordable a trip to Disneyworld can be.

Make 2014 your year by planning your trip to the Magic Kingdom today!  Come see for yourself why one of Orlando’s oldest theme parks is still one of the most beloved parks among the Disney properties while saving big on ticket prices.

See the World with the One You Love with Cheap Epcot Tickets

Epcot, formally known as Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was originally designed by the late Walt Disney to serve as an actual “urban community” that would promote a new way of life, but is now a beautiful theme park that celebrates different world cultures, innovations in science and technology.  The second park to be created by the innovative park creator, Epcot in Orlando still stands strong as one of four existing parks in the Disney resort area.

One of the biggest reasons that visitors to Orlando seek out cheap Epcot tickets is because they want to see the amazing dining experiences that are found within the park walls.  It may sound odd to think about first class dining in a theme park, yet the World Showcase within Epcot has many restaurants that are so popular, they fill up months in advance.  If you are planning on enjoying some fine dining at Epcot, be sure to choose your top restaurant choices in advance and secure reservations before you go.

In addition to world class dining experiences, saving on cheap Epcot tickets leaves more money for the outstanding shopping opportunities that you’ll find!  Each country in the world showcase has it’s own specialty stores, making it easy to find the perfect gifts for yourself or for someone you love.

Be sure to stick around after the sun goes down, as there’s still plenty left to see at Epcot.  The park features nightly entertainment with the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth show, which includes beautiful lights, lasers and a fireworks show over the water.  Even though the crowds can be big for this show, it’s definitely worth staking out a good spot early to get a good view.

When planning  trip to Florida, you can save big on the latest ticket deals to Epcot when you find the best deals ahead of time.  Check out the latest deals of Epcot tickets for you and your family before you come and see for yourself how you can really save big – leaving more money to spend on all the shopping, restaurants and other fun that this exciting Disney park has to offer.

What’s New About Star Wars at Disney’s Parks

Star Wars Awakens at Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Awakens at Hollywood Studios

Ever since Disney had acquired the Lucasfilm Franchise, expectations about the future of this most celebrated space opera keep making the headlines everywhere. In fact the discussions about new Star Wars Attractions have topped the list of all theme park speculations like never before. And I think the prospects of enjoying more of Star Wars right in the middle of the world’s happiest place or the possibilities of visiting an entire land dedicated to the iconic Franchise for that matter have changed the way we think about space adventures today. For the first time in the history of the Franchise such historic expansion is taking place. And with the plans of expansion in all possible formats (movies, animations, toys and stationeries, including theme park attractions), Disney is sure to re-define the legacy of one of the world’s most beloved space opera.

However, it’s also true that we have waited for so long on this. It has been over two years now since Disney had finalized the Deal with George Lucas, but the anticipations that followed the acquisition are yet to take shape at the world famous Parks. Part of the reason is that they are all waiting for the up-coming 2015 Star Wars sequel to take the lead. Also as per the latest revelations by Disney, and the fact that the new attractions will be based on the up-coming Star Wars sequels (such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Spinoffs) offer reasons enough for the Imagineers to wait until J.J. Abrams is all set to discuss his blockbuster plans.

Though it’s still a mystery as to where or which of the Disney Park or Parks will have the new attractions, speculations indicate that WDW’s (Walt Disney World) Hollywood Studios will be one of the most coveted places for the next big Star Wars surprise soon. In deed the long-time rumor of a new Star Wars Land is still the most happening topic of discussion among theme park fans in Orlando.

However, no-matter how long the wait is, but given the revelations there is definitely something for theme park fans to have by this year. The Force Awakens – first of the trilogy is slated to release in theaters by the end of 2015. The grand opening of the same is also seen as the ultimate revival of a genre that inspires multiple generations of fans unlike any other. Also if the reactions to the recent Teaser Trailer are to be believed then Disney is living up to its promises. And indeed there is something incredible and more interesting is taking shape out there. The Episode-VII Trailer itself seems to offer a lot in support of a new legend in the making.

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How Will You Use Your Orlando Flex Pass This Year?

An Orlando flex pass is your ticket to the ultimate in Florida fun all year long.  These passes offer access to several of the areas most exciting parks, with unlimited visits within a two-week time period to parks like Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Wet n’ Wild, Aquatica and the very popular Islands of Adventure.  If your family wants to see more than just the Disney parks or is looking for something completely different than their last trip, than the Orlando Flex Pass for 2015 is a financially smart and fun way to go!

When choosing your Orlando Flex Pass, you can select either the 5-park pass or the 6-park pass, depending on how many destinations you want to see during your trip.  Many families opt for the 6-park choice if they are having trouble deciding on which parks to visit, while others select the 5-park option when they are planning on only visiting a few parks on multiple days.  Keep in mind, however, that you still need to pay for parking when using your Orlando flex pass, so this should be figured into your travelling budget accordingly.

You can often save money on parking by purchasing multi-day passes, so be sure to mention that you are using a Flex Pass when you arrive at a park or look online for parking deals.

As an added benefit to Orlando Flex Pass holders, some of the parks in the deal do offer free transportation from your hotel to the park and back, so be sure to check with your travel agency or contact each park directly to check on that prior to visiting if you purchase a Flex Pass.

When you want to add splashes and thrills and quality entertainment to your Florida trip, look no further than the Orlando Flex Pass!  You’ll save money on a great travel deal, while getting to see some of the most thrilling attractions and adventures that Orlando has to offer.  Purchase your 2015 Flex Pass today and see for yourself just how fun your next Orlando vacation can be.

A Look Back at the 2014 Theme Park Highlights

Looking Back in Retrospect

Looking Back in Retrospect

For Orlando Theme Park fans, the Year 2014 is unique in many exciting ways. I think the world-famous Parks here had taken some impressive leaps in making our dream vacations even more special and memorable. 2014 is the Year when for the first time muggles at Universal Orlando were able to experience the iconic multi-park ride-adventure onboard the famous Hoghwart Express. And this is also the Year when visitors at WDW (Walt Disney World) had the opportunity to use the most magical wristbands offered by the Company as part of the billion dollar NextGen Theme Park Experience and Ride Reservation System.

Moreover, among the many great events and attractions that had joined the Parks in 2014, I think first it was the advent of The Disney Festival of Fantassy Parade that had changed the way we look at Disney Parades. The new Parade came as a replacement of the old Celebrate a Dream Come True Procession in Magic Kingdom and becomes the most sought-after attraction in no time, celebrating the stories and characters of New Fantasyland with the all new floats, costumes, music and much more. The family coaster-train Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is another unique New Fantasyland attraction that had unleashed an entirely new kind of ride experience for fans and families.

The phase-wise launched of MyMagic+ and FastPass+ Program is perhaps the biggest experience that WDW fans had come across in 2014. The new initiative is aimed at enhancing vacation experiences like never before. One of the most important components of the Program is the MagicBand which serves as your ticket, room keys, credit cards and more.

Another 2014 highlight is the Frozen attraction that had gripped almost all of WDW. Started just as a meet and greet prelude to the release of Disney’s blockbuster animation, Frozen breaks all records in no time. And the excitement and popularity of Anna & Elsa is such that their presence becomes a craze everywhere across the Parks, be it at the Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom or at the Epcot for that matter.

Again at Universal Orlando Resort it was like the whole world is waiting for the birth of another most incredible theme park experience ever. And when Diagon Alley opens in the summer of 2014, fans’ excitements touch a new height. And the record crowd as sighted around the new attraction since the launch tells it all.

Whether it’s the grand opening of the most anticipated Diagon Alley with attractions such as The Harry Potter and Escape from Gringotts Ride or the completion of WDW’s epic expansion of New Fantassyland with first of its kind dark-rides such as the legendary Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride as the last of the expansion activities or more, 2014 is a year full of great anticipations and surprises that brings to life a new era of theme park experience.

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Is Now The Right Time For You To Travel To Orlando?

Get the Vacation Ball Rolling

Get the Vacation Ball Rolling

Now that all of the holiday crowds have gone back to their homes and all of the children are back in school, is now the best time to plan that vacation to Orlando that you have been putting off? Well, lets take a look at what might make you think about booking that trip. First the parks are getting back to a normal flow of travelers from around the world and ride time are down to minutes, not hours like in the holiday months. The temperature is in the cool 60’s and 70’s during the days and theme parks are running specials on the tickets enticing travelers to come fill their parks. During this season, travel is at a all time low and flights through booking sites can be quite cheap if planned accordingly. Hotels and vacation rental homes are always running deals during this time so take the time to compare prices. Don’t be afraid to ask if they can meet or beat prices! You would be amazed! Car rentals are at a all time low here in Orlando with the average daily price running you $25 a day. If you want to skip the car, ask the place where you are staying if they provide transportation to the parks. Theme park tickets are the big items here, but can be bought through a discount theme park ticket vendor like The Official Ticket Center when you are in town or prior online. Selling everything from Disney Tickets to Universal Studios tickets, discount are sure to save you time and money. Ask about ticket specials and bogo offers they are offering. With all of these savings and no lines at the parks, now is a great time to book that vacation you have been thinking about!

Treat Yourself to Something Different with a Tour of the Stunning Orlando Space Center

Sure, the Disney parks, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are exciting, but sometimes you’re looking for something a little bit different.  The Orlando Space Center is the perfect destination for when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the main theme parks.  Set within the historic Florida Space Coast district, visitors to Orlando can experience the new Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit, take a tour of a real-life a launch pad and even have lunch with an astronaut.  It’s a very different experience from having lunch with Mickey Mouse or riding the Tower of Terror at Universal, but it’s something that your family will never forget.

At the Orlando Space Center,  our country’s innovative space exploration program is honored in a beautiful way, with a historic museum, amazing exhibits and even a regular schedule of dazzling rocket launches.  The launches are so popular that some hotels in the surrounding area even offer special “launch specials” designed around the public viewing schedule!

The best part about visiting the Kennedy Space Center is the experiences that the whole family will enjoy, as the park contains plenty of age-appropriate fun for kids of all ages and enough exciting exhibits to keep everyone entertained.  This is one Orlando destination that is a can’t miss and definitely one that you will never forget.

Save money on your visit to the Space Center and all of the things to see on Orlando’s Space Coast by purchasing discounted tickets from an authorized ticket seller.  You can save big when you purchase ticket this way versus buying them at the Center, and you can skip the lines at the door.  When you want to get the most out of your time in Orlando, buying discounted tickets ahead of time is the easiest way to maximize your budget and your fun!  See for yourself how easy it is to save by checking out the latest Kennedy Space Center deals before your next trip to Florida’s beautiful Space Coast and all that is has to offer.

Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat Gone But Not Forgotten

Today, Disney fans from around the world said goodbye to a iconic landmark in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Construction crews began tearing down Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat after the park closed last night and what is to replace it is still a mystery. This 122 foot tall structure was added back in 2001 and was the center piece to guests entering the park. It served as a beacon to guests entering the park as well as a stage at time to host performances of all types. The hat was designed to showcase Mickey’s magical sorcerer’s hat for the cult classic Disney movie, “Fantasia.” To this day Disney has not said how long it will take to fully remove the hat and there has not been any word on if the hat will be moved to any other part of the Walt Disney World Resort. This removal of such a iconic symbol is just one of many that Disney Hollywood Studios has encountered over the past year like the American Idol Experience, the Legend of Jack Sparrow and most recently the Studio Backlot Tour.

Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Tree Tavern Closure Due Summer 2015

If you are a big fan of Americana Cuisine and just happen to be visiting the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom park, then you have probably already heard of the Liberty Tree Tavern located in Liberty Square. This colonial style inn has been serving New England inspired fare for many years and has built up quit a fan base among Disney travelers. Starting this July 2015 until November 20th this time capsule of the days of Colonial Willamsburg, will be closed for refurbishment. There have been rumored reports that this is for typical face lift issues that are needed from time to time due to the traffic that this restaurant receives or it could be upgrades for more easier access for the disabled (ADA). If you recall, Disney did the same thing back in 2014 at Memento Mori when it was still the Yankee Trader. For whatever reason, I’m sure that it will look fantastic when it is done! If you are planning a visit to the Magic Kingdom this year and before it closes for the year, advance reservations are strongly recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to your visit.