How to Save While visiting the Disney Water Park

Getting the most from your Disney vacation

Getting the most from your Disney vacation

If you have ever been to Florida during the hot seasons, which is pretty much all the time, you know there is no better place in Central Florida to cool off like the Walt Disney World Water Parks. These two world class aquatic theme parks are located on the property of the Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Fl. Both Disney water parks have unique themes that make their guests feel like they have been transported to another far away location like a tropical paradise emerging from a furious, fabled storm or a freak snowstorm that has hit Florida and a ski resort was built. Regardless, the Walt Disney World has grown since our parents days. Continue reading

A Spring Guide to Finding Amazing Orlando Ticket Deals

It’s time to put away those snow shovels, dust off your favorite pair of shorts and starting looking for amazing Orlando ticket deals!  Spring is a great time of year to visit Orlando.   Not only can you take advantage of great prices on admission to all of the best parks, but you can also enjoy the pleasant temperatures and lower humidity when you travel before the real heat of summer hits.

When shopping around for Orlando ticket deals this spring, keep in mind that you can typically find discounts on every detail of your trip and not just the airfare or hotel.  Discounted park passes are one little secret to visiting Orlando that many families have already discovered.  Discount passes and coupons for Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and others are pretty easy to find, and they can make it possible to see many more of the biggest attractions than if you had to pay full price for each ticket.

There are plenty of lodging deals and options available for visitors to Orlando, and Spring is a great time to find a deal on a condo rental, resort room or a value hotel room that is located outside of the Disney resort hotels area.

Renting a condo in Orlando on a short-term basis is a great choice for those traveling with kids and those that have dietary restrictions.  Since Orlando is primarily aimed at the tourist market, it’s packed with plenty of chain restaurants and food options, but there aren’t a lot of choices if you have difficult food allergies.  Staying in a condo with a kitchen can save you money and also ensures that you won’t get sick from eating something you are allergic to during your visit.

Finally, to get the most out of your discounts, be sure to plan some fun activities that will maximize the time that you spend in Florida.  Take time out to visit the world famous Cocoa Beach and it’s local surfing scene, or plan to take a drive to visit some of the surrounding coastal towns that offer a completely different take on Florida.  It’s fun way to get the most out of your trip, and by mixing up these types of affordable side trips with visits to the theme parks, you can save money as well.

Try Something New This Year with a NASA Tour in Florida

Are you looking for a new experience for your family that will make your next trip to Florida stand out from previous vacations?  Do you have a young scientist in the family who would appreciate seeing real-life items used as part of our country’s space exploration program?  You may want to consider adding a NASA tour in Florida to your list of vacation activities!  Exploring the Kennedy Space Center and seeing all of the wonderful artifacts and other items put on display by NASA is something fun and different that the entire family can appreciate.  When you shop around for discounted tickets, it can be incredibly affordable as well.

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, home of the NASA tour, is an exciting change of pace from the Disney parks.  When you’re ready for a break from the long lines and crowds in Orlando, spend a day exploring this one of a kind complex that includes the new Space Shuttle Atlantic Exhibit, a cutting edge IMAX 3-D theater, the US. Astronaut Hall of Fame and lots of great activities and exhibits.  For those that want to escape the hustle and bustle of the theme park areas of Orlando, taking the easy drive out to the Kennedy Space Center is definitely a fun way to go.

Kids of all ages (and grownups too!) will appreciate everything there is to see and experience when they include a NASA tour of the Kennedy Space Center in their next trip.  It’s a wonderful destination for families, offering awe-inspiring sights and plenty of activities to easily fill an entire day.  Kennedy Space Center in Florida is definitely an “out of the world” national treasure.

Save money on your NASA tour by purchasing discounted passes online either before you arrive in Florida or when planning your trip.  It’s a great way to save money on your visit and it makes it much easier to bring the whole family for an adventure in space travel that they will never forget.

Spotting the Wilds in the Dark at Disney Animal Kingdom Is a Unique Treat

Disney by night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney by night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Noting is so inspiring and memorable than what the WDW (Walt Disney World Resort) has to offer. It is one such place where the world’s best found thrills, excitements and fun all come together to keep our incredible dreams alive. Truly, for a Disney passionate the magic is everywhere and in everything throughout the four Disney parks. Whether it’s the fairy-tale adventures at the Magic Kingdom Park or those amazing world exhibits at the Epcot, the blockbuster actions and scenes at Disney Hollywood Studios or the amazing encounters with the wilds at the Animal Kingdom Park, the list is endless. But through this article I feel inspired to bring to light one of the darkest delights the fourth Disney park has to offer. Continue reading