How Effective Is Disney World’s New Ride Reservation System?

Will Fastpass+ Work for You?

Will FastPass+ Work for You?

The Official Ticket Center ~ Making products and services easily accessible is an important determinant in the success of a business. And I think Disney is probably the best in capitalizing this very crucial aspect in the theme-park industry today. Being the world’s biggest entertainment conglomerate, Disney is unique in handling both its core businesses as well as the demands of fans since inception. It’s not just a source that enables you to connect with your ultimate dreams, but also understands the importance of making things available in the most hassle-free and convenient way possible. One great example of this amazing quality is the implementation of the new ride reservation system at the WDW (Walt Disney World) resort in Orlando.

Intended to provide more flexibility in the booking of favorite rides and bring improvement in the wait-times is the new Fastpass+ (FP+) system and it comes with many great promises. Unlike the legacy paper Fastpass, the ability to obtain reservations in advance becomes a reality now for all those passionate about Disney World rides. If you are staying at a Disney resort then you are good to have a reservation as early as 60 days prior to your trip.

The new Fastpass+ reservation system also puts an end to the need of visiting a Fastpass machine in person. Guests have the advantage of choosing from multiple reservation options now. Moreover, if you are a Disney resort guest you can obtain reservations right from the comfort of your home at a mouse click, or on a smart-phone or tablet while in the parks. Besides, there exist many new Fastpass+ reservation kiosks as well as staff members to assist, throughout the parks for all guests. Another great feature the new system offers is the ability to change the attractions for which you have the reservations. One can also control the return times of attractions reserved and thus eliminate the risk of losing any reservation times.

However, there are also certain speculations about the latest reservation system that suggest otherwise. It’s observed that unlike its predecessor, the new Fastpass+ program brings discrimination among guests or vacationers. There are fans not as happy since the new reservation system mostly favors a particular section of guests specially, those staying at a Disney owned resort. So chances are if you are staying offsite then you are missing some great features. Again with the old legacy Fastpass one can have the ability to obtain reservation at more than one park per day. But the same is not the case with the new system as guests are limited to obtain reservations at one park per day.

But whatever may be the speculations, the ultimate objective of the new program is to cut wait-times and bring more flexibility to ride reservations. And I believe Disney is always a champion in adding more value to our dream vacations.

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The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – A New Dawn for Dark Rides

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - The latest roller coaster at Disney World will open in 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - The latest roller coaster at Disney World will open in 2014

The Official Ticket Center ~ Being able to step inside the world of your most beloved and award winning Disney Classics of all times and become a part of those favorite actions is a dream come true experience. And the same is happening out there with the new Disney World ride. Imagine a journey through the mine where the Seven Dwarfs spend their days digging for gems. Imagine an adventure ride onboard the most unique theme park coaster train ever created. Well! For all those passionate about dark ride fantasies at Disney World parks, the magic is just getting more and more impressive. Thanks to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride attraction which comes as part of WDW’s (Walt Disney World) epic expansion program in the new Fantasyland area of Magic Kingdom Park.

I think it’s a whole new, family friendly ride experience we should not miss. For the first time in the history of Disney adventure-rides we have seen a ride with such amazingly new concept both in technology and in design as well. Moreover, the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction comes with many great and intriguing features. Whether it’s the magical train that takes you right into the most immersive and award-winning animated ambience ever, or those aesthetically designed cars of the train that reflects the most amazing concept of swinging coasters for the first time, I think the imagineers had left no stone unturned in shaping this one-of-a- kind ride-attraction till date.

Another most striking fact about the new train ride is its wide accessibility. Unlike the other extreme thrill rides, there is no age or height restriction for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train riders. Guests of all ages can enjoy the ride and its incredible story-line without missing the much needed thrills. Also factors such as the use of variable speed vehicles to incorporate the best of dark ride features, the application of new animatronics concept to bring to life the iconic characters (Snow White and the Dwarfs) and the magical environs where the Dwarfs live and work are sighted as some of the incredible highlights of the new attraction.

The new Fantasyland which opens in phases is WDW’s biggest expansion plan ever. Since 2012, as the construction continues, we have seen the advent of some extremely creative and exciting evolutions in the ten new acres of Disney Magic. First it was the dueling Dumbo rides and Storybook Circus section. Then comes the themed sections for The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast and later the Princes Fairytale Hall that replaces the Snow White’s Scary Adventures in 2013. And finally, it’s the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in 2014 that probably marks the end of this historic expansion program in Disney Orlando.

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Year 2013 Saw the Arrival of Some Great New Theme Park Attractions in Orlando

Orlando's World Famous Rides Keep GROWING!!!

Orlando's World Famous Rides Keep GROWING!!!

The Official Ticket Center ~ Orlando theme park attractions are the most exciting entertainment choices for the ever-increasing fan base. There always exist a special bonding between the parks and those passionate about adventure-rides and other incredible fun-activities in this most magically placed location of the world. Whether it’s WDW (Walt Disney World) resort, SeaWorld or Universal Studios for that matter, the experience we have is beyond dreams. Moreover, what interests me lot about the parks is their ability to stay fresh and more special with every returning visit. I believe it’s the precious bond between the parks and the fans that have kept these most inspired and wonderful ambiences ever evolving. And like every passing year, the year 2013 too had seen its share of extraordinary development in this regard. Thanks to all the latest theme park endeavors in taking forward our experience to the next level with every new visit.
The advent of new attractions in 2013, such as the Springfield USA area – the hometown of America’s most beloved family (the Simpsons) at Universal Studios is a memorable development that needs no further introduction. For the first time guests were able to physically step inside the world of the country’s longest-running animated TV- series in history. Again, the arrival of Transformers: The Ride 3D is another blockbuster ride attraction that Universal had introduced till date. It’s the first of its kind intense 3D simulator experience one can have in Orlando.
Another iconic theme park addition during 2013 is the launched of the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin attraction- one of SeaWorld’s historic offerings. The new and unique attraction had re-defined our ride experience for all times to come. Also for the first time theme park guests can see, touch and feel the most challenging habitats of the remote world real-time in such purest form. Gliding along and into the bottom of the Earth amidst below-freezing environs is just a premium experience only SeaWorld can offer today.
Again at Disney World, it seems every trip comes with new surprises and fun. It’s a constant evolution out there. And one of the major highlights of 2013 is the Princess Fairytale Hall- the latest addition to WDW’s epic expansion plan. A visit to this most lavishly decorated castle-themed ambiance in Magic Kingdom’s – Fantasyland area is just another out of the box fairytale experience only possible with Disney.
Also beyond the theme-park thrills, year 2013 has something much bigger to offer- NASA’s best kept secret had been revealed. And for all space lovers it’s a dream come true. Just have an up-close encounter with the giant Shuttle at the newly launched Atlantis Exhibit in Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex – and your perceptions about space will be changed forever.
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Why Every Romantic Trip to Orlando Should Include a Stop at the Makahiki Luau

Are you planning a honeymoon in Orlando or are simply looking for some romantic activities for you and your honey while you are here?  Everyone who is looking for a lovely Polynesian experience that includes amazing sights, sounds and a wonderful dining experience should add the Makahaiki Luau to their Florida trip.  Located within the walls of SeaWorld, the Makahaiki Luau is one of the most famed attractions in Orlando.

Don’t have the time or the money to travel to Hawaii for an authentic luau experience?  No problem!  The Makahiki Luau provides a truly amazing experience, with pounding drumbeats, authentic dress and historical dancing that is truly a sight to see.  Learn about the Polynesian culture while also immersing yourself in the romance of the Islands at this magical experience, which is something that all couples will certainly enjoy.

You don’t have to buy tickets to SeaWorld in order to enjoy the Makahiki Luau (admission is purchased separately), but many visitors choose to visit SeaWorld during the day, and then end their experience in the park for the Luau.  No matter how you do it, make sure you don’t miss out on this tropical show that makes you feel like you are at a full-on luau in Hawaii!  And watch out – you may even be pulled on stage to learn some hula style dancing first hand from the pros on stage as each show typically feature a few  volunteers from the audience.

How can real hula dancing, fire throwing and dancing, beautiful native music and a delicious Hawaiian meal not be romantic?  Come see for yourself what the fuss is all about and get your tickets to the Makahiki Luau at a discount before you come.  Buy now online and save big versus buying at the gates, and also ensure that you’ll get into the limited admission show on the date that you desire.  When you plan ahead, you can ensure that nothing will keep you from experiencing the show of a lifetime with someone you love, so check out the big discounts on Makahiki Luau tickets today!

Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba Is a Must See Theatrical Delight

An Everyday Circus This is Not

An Everyday Circus This is Not

The Official Ticket Center ~ Of all the favorite Disney stage shows I’d enjoyed, the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba holds a very special place in my heart. Packed with breathtaking circus extravaganzas, thrilling acrobatics and awesome music, La Nouba represents a unique theatrical delight. In fact it’s a gem of an entertainment with imaginative storyline that combines the best of both worlds in the most inspired location of the world. I suggest a visit to this one of a kind family oriented show is a must for guests looking for quality time in the Downtown Disney Area.

It’s always magical to be at a Disney property and special WDW (Walt Disney World) partner attractions such as La Nouba aptly justifies that amazing concept. The show shares the same sense of wonder and whimsy that one looks for with anything Disney. Right from the start it keeps you engaged with endless imaginations, features mesmerizing high wire and flying trapezes, stunning acrobats and other dynamic displays in the midst of opulent sets, choreography and provocative music.

Being the only show of its kind, La Nouba receives the highest of appreciations from fans since inception. For over a period of fifteen years till now, the show keeps growing with constant passion and the sense of freshness prevails with every performance it has. Whether it’s the non-stop ninety minutes of daring acts with sheer athleticism or the flawless and graceful presentations on part of the performers, the intensity and excitement among the audience always remains intact regardless of the age and the number of shows it presents till date.

Watching the imaginative and high flying show is truly a memorable treat for the entire family. Millions and millions of fans have been delighted by it till now and the number keeps increasing. There is so much to have right from the beginning of the show that it becomes impossible to stay un-amused even for the most discerning one. As a great fan of the incredible show I think enjoying this visually stunning and athletic celebration of imagination is a dream come true experience.

Moreover, unlike the other Cirque shows, it’s the only non-touring show housed in a free-standing custom building with about 70 cast members from around the world. Also it’s interesting to know that almost twenty per cent of the original cast members still performing at this high wire, imaginative and acrobatic theatrical attraction. Another significant highlight of this show is the fact that despite its circus like ambience there is no animals to be seen as part of the cast.

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