Tips for Buying Discount Disney World Tickets in Orlando

Local Online Companies Are Your Best Option

Local Online Companies Are Your Best Option

If you are one of the many people who are considering a vacation the the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and have been searching for the biggest discounts on the internet, you have unfortunately seen that this is not going to be cheap. After you buy your airline tickets, arrange your accommodations and then get your rental car lined up, your attraction tickets are going to be about as much as all of those expenditures put together. That being said, it is very critical to do your research on the tickets that will best suit you and your family’s needs.

Buying The Best Discounted Tickets

To save the most on any Base Tickets and Multi-Day Walt Disney World Tickets we recommend The Official Ticket Center, a contracted authorized local discount ticket agent that buys in bulk from the parks and re-sells cheaper than AAA, Walt Disney World’s gate price and Disney’s on-line rates. This company is local and not just a no-face on-line site that has no guest service office. They have been in business for over 15 years and is Disney’s largest authorized tickets broker that is just 5 minutes from the front gates.

When you research prices online, make sure to see if tax is included as many sites, including Disney DO NOT include taxes. The best thing about The Official Ticket Center other than their local office is that they ship your tickets straight to your doorstep for free unlike most other on-line sites. Also if you need more tickets for all of the other famous attractions, you can stop in their guest service office and buy more tickets unlike other companies.

Just remember that if they are not local and do not have a guest service office, it is best to go elsewhere. There is nothing like having a issue with know one to go to.

Disney World Tickets and wher to buy at a discount.

So How Much Are Tickets?

Disney tickets are definitely not the same price as they were when we were all kids, so the best way to save in my opinion is to go with the multi-day passes. Disney’s motto is “The More you Play the Less You Pay” is true. Take for example, a 1 Day Pass costs at this moment costs $101.18 for a 1 Day Magic Kingdom adult and $94.79 for a child. Now if you are going to be there for 5 day for example, your best option is to purchase a 5 Day Base Ticket from The Official Ticket Center, this way you are only spending $58.40 a day per adult and $54.40 per child. Even Better for those spending more time, a 10 Day Disney Base Ticket from The Official Ticket Center would only be $35.50 per day per adult and only $33.00 per day per child.

Also a option for over seas travelers and even for US based guests, the Non-Expiration tickets might be best for you. Many travelers enjoy the deep savings of these tickets as they never expire and are less per day than the 14 Day expiration tickets. The most popular of these tickets are the 10 Day Park Hopper with No-Expiration tickets from The Official Ticket Center. Just think about it for a moment, it never expires, it can be used on every vacation for a visit here and there and it will never go up in price.

It is a investment in future vacations. The only thing that you need to remember is that these tickets cannot be used by anyone else other that you. If the Non-Expiration tickets are not for you then I recommend that you look at buying the Walt Disney World Base Tickets from The Official Ticket Center.

Discount Disney World Tickets

Military Discounts and Travel Clubs

If you happen to be in the military or belong to a travel club, your ticket prices can be good and bad. For example, there is a little secret that most people do not know who are in the military and that is Shades of Green over at the Walt Disney World Resort. There, military members can get great discounts that know one can touch.

I recommend that you call 1-888-593-2242 and ask the Shade of Green member what their rates are and if they are extended to additional family. If you belong to a travel club like AAA, make sure that you call them prior to your arrival for prices and make sure they are including their tax. The Official Ticket Center beats AAA prices and in most cases offers tickets that they do not offer.

Recap of What Tickets You Should Buy

Remember that the most important question to buying your discount theme park tickets is how many day you are going to be at the parks. Second question should be, do you want to Park Hop. Third question is , is a Non-Expiration ticket best for you or is a Disney Base Ticket what you need. Lastly, remember to buy your tickets from a local agent like The Official Ticket Center and not just some online no face company. Remember that having a friend in town goes along way.

SeaWorld Orlando Is Truly Impressive During Holidays

SeaWorld on Ice for the Holidays

SeaWorld on Ice for the Holidays

The Official Ticket Center ~ Spending a day at the SeaWorld Orlando resort during the holidays is just awesome. Every holiday season, the resort transforms into a perfect festive wonderland. It comes to life with its own unique seasonal offering. Whether it’s the Christmas Cheers or the New Year celebrations for that matter, there is always a special treatment for guest and vacationers during the grand occasions. And better still is the fact that the special events are all for free – no extra tickets required, everything is included with the general Park admission.

Moreover, when it comes to holiday decorations and celebration, the Resort is second to none. Drapes with countless colorful lights and vibrant displays, it reflects a perfect festive setting by night. Like the other bigger theme park properties (Disney World or Universal Studios) in Central Florida, the SeaWorld park also offers great opportunities to celebrate the spirit of the Season. From the moment you step inside, it becomes impossible to miss the magical holiday spirit with everything you meet.

Truly, with such special decors and fun activities all around, visitors to the SeaWorld Parks are exposed to one of the most impressive festive ambiances ever. Whether it’s the under the sea Christmas decorations or the lively Waterfront attractions with all the lights, colors and snowfalls; the dancing Sea of Trees or the mouth watering treats and drinks; special shows and more; the spirit of the season is everywhere around. And the festive magic continues to woo visitors until the advent of the New Year and beyond.

A visit to the famous resort through December 31 is truly an incredible holiday experience for any. The entire place dazzles with a lively and breathtaking Christmas make-over like no other. It becomes the ultimate celebration hub, where guests of all ages have ample fun and entertainment opportunities. Every night, on select days, the entire area comes alive with the magical spirit of Christmas. And given the incredible decors and live shows, there seems no end to the amount of fun and celebrations one can have.

Besides enjoying the breathtaking sights and sounds, fans can also join Clyde and Seamore live in their special Christmas shows or just take a fascinating winter ride with the Polar Express experience. One can also choose from a number of other special events and shows, such as the Shamu Christmas Miracles or enjoy the most amazing Christmas story through the eyes of live sea animals at the O Wonderous Nights. Or just seat back and watch the SeaWorld’s most magical ice skating actions live at the Winter Wonderland on Ice.

For discounts on SeaWorld admissions and passes, Universal Studios tickets, including Disney World discount tickets and other discount Orlando packages you can consult authorized ticket Re-Seller The Official Ticket Center

The Spirit of Christmas Is Best Experienced With A Disney Christmas Vacation

Holiday Season at the Disney World Parks

Holiday Season at the Disney World Parks

The Official Ticket Center ~ The Holiday Season is one of the most wonderful times for Disney fans visiting their favorite parks in Orlando, Florida. It’s that time of the year when the entire WDW (Walt Disney World) Resort transforms into a unique festive experience, comprise of world premier entertainment opportunities and events, including special attractions, treats and live shows, shopping and dining extravaganza against the backdrop of an incredibly decorative and dazzling ambience. Truly, WDW offers the ultimate settings for festival lovers during the Holidays. And when it comes to celebrations, a Disney Christmas Vacation is undoubtedly one of the most family favorite holiday options you can have.

With the advent of November, when the thrills and horrors of the departed Halloween are just beginning to settle down, the Resort comes back to live once again with the cheers and joys of the Christmas celebrations. Thanks to the ever glittering and special Disney Event – the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for a magical Christmas experience. Famous for its spectacular Fireworks, Parades, including live entertainment shows and more, this premier Christmas event enables visitors to celebrate the occasion unlike any other.

Being a great Disney fan I’m always fascinated about the thought of joining Mickey for that ultimate Christmas Cheer and New Year celebrations right in the middle of the happiest place on earth. Though the Park is a bit crowded and mostly the Christmas weekends are the busiest time around, yet I feel that the pleasures and fun the occasion offers have reasons enough to justify the overwhelming ambience.

Imagine what happens when both Santa and Mickey joins your family in the Christmas celebrations. Imagine the sights of your favorite Disney attractions and rides as they welcome you with a new and more sensational seasonal remake. All these and many more special festive wonders are just at your disposal as you celebrate and enjoy the most memorable Christmas Vacation of your life.

On every select night the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party presents a sea of entertainments right in the heart of the WDW’s Magic Kingdom Park. Starting 7 pm onwards until midnight it’s a saga of everlasting celebrations. Right from the moment you step inside you are exposed to a whole new world of unforgettable moments and merry-making in the company of favorite Disney characters and extravagant holiday decorations. Among the major Party highlights this year includes the spectacular Christmas Parade – Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, the Fireworks Spectacular – Holiday Wishes and attractions with special Christmas makeovers such as the holly jolly joy ride Jingle Cruise (previously called the Jungle Cruise) and breathtaking castle projection shows and more. A visit to this most favorite Disney hosted Christmas Event is just extra-magical and a unique vacation experience that you don’t want to miss.