There’s Just So Much to Do at Disney World During the Holiday Season

Holiday Season at the Disney Parks

Holiday Season at the Disney Parks

The Official Ticket Center ~ Spending the Holiday Season at WDW (Walt Disney World) is always extra-magical. A visit to this Florida based theme park Resort during the Holidays results in ultimate fun experience for families and couples from around the world. It puts you right in the middle of an epic celebration unlike any other. And with such incredible mix of actions and adventures, including exclusive themed shows and other surprises in the offing there is no doubt that the Resort is extra- special for guests and vacationers throughout the celebration period.

Whether it’s the annual Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with spectacular parades and fireworks shows at the Magic Kingdom Park or the annual food and wine festival at Epcot, the mesmerizing mega-watt spectacle at the Hollywood Studios or the ever glittering Christmas parties and processions during the Christmas holidays or more there is no match to the amount of fun and entertainment Disney guests can have during the Holiday Season.

Every year the period from October through December, until Mickey meets Santa for the Christmas Weekends and beyond, the Resort adorns a more glamorous and dazzling look. The period is also considered to be the peak holiday season when the parks in Orlando are at their busiest best. From the moment you step inside you will be dragged into a world of sheer festive delight. Where besides the awe-inspiring attractions and rides, there exist plenty of specially hosted fun and entertainment opportunities. Being a part of the celebration, we can have a Disney experience, which is more colorful and more magical than before.

Also the event-specific decorations, awe-inspiring creativitie shows, and display of colors throughout the Disney parks during the occasion remind us of the incredible role played by the Imagineers. Just have a look at the colorful entrance or take a walk down the magically illuminated Main Street USA on a Halloween Night or gaze across the forecasted flurry of snowflakes along the Park’s Street with a warming cup of cocoa in hand on a Christmas evening- you could sensed the spirit of holiday is at all time high.

To me, it’s really inspiring watching the seasonal transformations of the parks on each specific occasion- such as, after the grand Halloween farewell, the entire Resort gears up for its amazing Christmas transition. A galaxy of seasonal decors with exclusive entertainment offerings and Christmas specials takes over the usual parks’ magic. And no-matter whichever part or corner of the park you are at the spirit of the season is amply felt. This is the time when every attraction greets you with a more refreshing and magical make-over like no other. Thanks to WDW for making our Holiday Season so special.

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Disney World Avatar Land Promises an Experience Unlike Any Other

Animal Kingdom Set For Greatness

Animal Kingdom Set For Greatness

The Official Ticket Center ~ When WDW (Walt Disney World) first revealed its plans of creating the much anticipated Avatar inspired Land in the Animal Kingdom Park, fans couldn’t stop raving about the prospects of enjoying another epic level initiative by the Florida based theme-park resort. If completed the mega attraction is expected to change the level of Disney experience forever. Today, long after the initial outburst it’s time again to revisit the Pandora project with renewed vigor. More importantly, the fact that Planet Pandora is finally getting shape is great and the incredible passions and energy shared by the Disney Imagineers in this regard is just exceptional.

Fans had been exposed to a chain of rumors and speculations about the prospects of the Florida based project since the first announcement. But the future of an Avatar attraction in WDW is just hanging around for long until the recently held D23 Expo in Japan. While for many, Pandora is almost a reality in the offing, there are still some who are worried about the culmination of the project. Also there are times when even the thought of having an Avatar themed Land seemed to be elusive owing to issues of complex origin, including the much talked about creative differences between James Cameron and the Imagineers.

However, today, couple of years after; we have something really exciting to cheer for. The fictional habitat of the tall blue natives (the Navis) is already conceptualized now and amidst plethora of details at display we can see Pandora is coming to life after all. At the recent D23 Expo, we are exposed to some of the breathtaking art displays as prelude to the upcoming Disney World Avatar experience. And it seems the Company is extremely excited to share the incredible concept with such awe-inspiring imageries right from the hands of its exclusive design team of Imagineers.

A sneak peek of the concept arts at display will reveal ample evidences of what the epic scale project has in store for us. Whether it’s the nighttime jungle of bio-luminescent plants, or the floating mountains; the opportunity to soar on the back of a Banshee- the bird-like predators from the film or get engaged in other special nighttime celebrations under the magnificent Mother Tree (the Tree of Life), guests at Animal Kingdom will have the most amazing nighttime experience in the years ahead – probably by 2016, which is also the time when the first of Cameron’s three Avatar sequels will be released.

Truly, the thought of being able to step inside a real-life version of Cameron’s mysterious world of Pandora is amazing. The early glimpse of this much anticipated project is seen as a great opportunity for guests to realize the Disney version of Avatar Land for the first time. Thanks to the Imagineers for keeping alive the prospects of an experience unlike any other ever created.

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