It Takes Great Courage to Survive a Night at Halloween Horror Nights

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes?

The Official Ticket Center ~ Watching your favorite horror movie from the comfort of a living room or a theater hall is one thing; but to be able to actually step inside those intense and scary actions and experience the fear in person is another. At Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights Fest it’s all about facing the biggest challenges in the world of horrors. Here the Fear has no boundaries and it takes great courage to survive every single Night the special event offers. From sunset through midnight and beyond, guests at the event celebrate horror like never before.

Imagine being hijacked by the worst nightmares of life. Imagine the most fancied horror franchises come together, celebrate their existence in one single exclusive event- where guests were exposed to the deadliest of terror and thrills. And as you are being dragged into the evil designs and desires of the Night, you find yourself screaming to the point of senselessness. While such extremes of fear are rare, but there is still a place of big-time nightmares for us to bear. Thanks to the Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Orlando Resort.

The award winning annual Halloween Horror Nights and Universal Studios, is the only event of its kind that celebrates horror beyond all possible extremes. Since inception it shares the most coveted place in the imaginations of those who are passionate about horrors, and who love to experience the fear in its most intensive format. So all Halloween fans beware! If you are planning to celebrate a night at the exclusive fear Fest, be prepared to face the biggest names in horror today.

No other Halloween event boasts of such intense and scary experience as the nation’s premier Halloween Fest offers. On every select Night during the occasion (from September through November) the Park transforms into the most haunted exhibit on earth. Whether it’s the electrifying scare zones or the outrageous live shows, the terrifying houses or the various unpredictable thrills, guests can only expect their worst nightmares coming true on every move and at every corner of the Park. Like every year, the 23 rd HHN event also brings in a new and more inspiring outburst of horror activities and attractions. From AMC’s The Walking Dead to The Cabin in the Woods to Evil Dead and more, the 2013 event lives up to its promise of spreading the Evil that has taken Roots this Halloween.

Walking down the deadly, bloodcurdling streets of the Park during the Event is not just extremely intensive, but also a test of real courage for guests. In fact the event is recommended only for those who have the guts to face real and serious horrors in life. Almost all the attractions and activities the event offers are exclusively meant to scare the wits out of you. Minors and kids may find it particularly uncomfortable and as such it is advisable to keep them away from this event.

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A Guide to Halloween at the Magic Kingdom 2013

Halloween at the Magic Kingdom

Halloween at the Magic Kingdom

Walking down the ever glittering Main Street U.S.A. on a Halloween Holiday is a rare experience. Every year, during Halloween season the famous Magic Kingdom Park turns into a memorable festive zone powered with the world’s premier Halloween events and activities. There evolves an overwhelming array of colorful and spectacular displays, shows and surprises. While the entire Park embraces its darkest side on each selected night, guests were exposed to an incredible array of spooky outbursts of magical heights. The kids get inspired and passionate about their highly magical and not so scary Halloween encounters while adults amazed and remain excited as they celebrate and enjoy their dream hell ride right in the middle of the happiest place on earth.

From September through November the entire Magic Kingdom is taken over by the world famous Disney Halloween Event- the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Visiting the Park during the special occasion is an exclusive fun and entertainment opportunity. Bathed in a sparkling and fun-filled haunted aura, the entire park area becomes the most celebrated Halloween destination in Orlando. And from the moment you step in you have an all new Magic Kingdom to explore. The element of creepiness is everywhere and as you take your strides the excitement just exceeds. Being a Halloween guest expect no less- beyond the Magic there await the most surprising, alluring and spectacular Fest.

Though the Disney Halloween Event is not the scariest as such, yet the celebration and fun of this world famous Fest is felt as much. Being a part of this one of the most celebrated themed Event is a dream come true. Whether it’s the very bright and resplendent Park entrance with signs and greetings of Halloween or the elevated train station with exquisite decors, or the bright and highly illuminated area of Main Street U.S.A itself, the Event offers an impressive twist to the usual Disney Magic that we used to enjoy on any normal Disney day.

Moreover, besides the special shows and activities at the Event, I believe the breathtaking illuminations and lightings, the ever-glowing orange and brown bunting, carved jack-o-lanterns and the scarecrows and other magical decors also contribute to the incredible Halloween experience. Among the main highlights of the Party, I am pretty sure while the special attractions like the Trick or Treat tends to elude the kids for a fascinating adventure in search of exclusive goodies, other featured events like the famous Boo-to-You Halloween parade, Haunted House ride and special Fireworks spectacular such as the Happy HalloWishes with wild remixes enhance the creepiness and merriment of the most memorable Halloween Party ever.

Getting Bigger and More Exciting For the Muggles

New Diagon Ally at Universal Orlando Resort

New Diagon Ally at Universal Orlando Resort

The Official Ticket Center ~ Being a great fan of the world famous Boy Wizard and his amazing world of magic, I am very much excited about the new Harry Potter Expansions at the Universal Studios Florida Park. The prospect of exploring the London side of the story where you will be visiting the Diagon Alley or take a dark ride through the Gringotts vaults, or better still the opportunity to ride on the real Hogarth Express is incredible. And often the anticipation of a surprising journey from London’s King’s Cross station to Hogsmeade Village keeps me excited about an experience that can revolutionize the very nature of theme-park-entertainment today. Thanks to Universal Orlando for coming up with such a historic and world’s first ever multi-park fun initiative in honor of its most prized possession.

The new Diagon Alley attractions include two of the most promising Harry Potter rides for the muggles at Universal Orlando. Inspired with next-gen style animation and interactivity the Gringotts dark ride will take you through the Gringotts vaults, where guests will have encounters with dark wizards, including Voldemort. The most surprising Hogwarts Express ride on the other hand will connect visitors and guests with the two Potter Worlds- the new Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida park and the original Hogsmeade in the Islands of Adventure section of the Resort.

The original Wizarding World of Harry Potter is undoubtedly the most successful theme-park-entertainment initiative on part of Universal Orlando Resort. Since inception, it has been the centerpiece attraction and an object of great envy for the other big contenders in the business. Whether it’s the most amazing Hogwarts Castle or the Forbidden Journey Ride, Universal’s Creative team had left no stone unturned in bringing to life the most inspiring adventures of JK Rowlling’s world famous Harry Potter stories. Truly a visit to the Potter Land at the Islands of Adventure Park is a dream come true experience.

Moreover, the creation of such widely fancied attraction has changed the way we will perceive Universal Studios forever. In fact the Potter World proves to be a game changer for the Resort. The sudden increase in visits, including the overwhelming response from fans and visitors, and the high returns on investments of such repute had set a new bench-mark in the theme park industry today. The level of competition is being raised so high that even bigger challengers in the business like the Disney World is being forced to re-think. And while the competitors are trying their best to score an edge over the other, Universal is prudent enough to lead the way with the new Harry Potter Expansions.

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