Three Proven Methods To Get Florida Theme Park Tickets On The Cheap

Are you on the lookout for inexpensive Florida theme park tickets? Here are there simple, proven methods that anyone can implement to get the best prices on their vacation’s entertainment, whether you’re after a cheap afternoon at Disney or you’ll be staying for a week and you want the best price on an Orlando flex ticket.

Option one: Resort Promotions
Promotional rates at the in-park resorts at places like Disney World are often significantly less than rates at the equivalent out-of-park hotels. Alternately, and often at peak season, the resort’s rate will remain standard, but you’ll be able to get up to 50% off your tickets to the related theme parks if you book ahead at a given park’s resort. As an added advantage, you’ll already be right there at the park when you wake up in the morning, so there’s no cost in time or gas to get to the park. In some cases, these resorts may try to hard sell you options that range from a pre-purchased meal plan to a time share, but you can always say no and take advantage of your cheap ticket regardless.

Option two: Coupons
Coupon suppliers for theme parks are ubiquitous on the Internet. These coupons work exactly like the coupons you use at the grocery store; you present them when you’re about to pay for a service, and they reduce the price. If you spend a little time online looking at various coupon websites, you will find discounts not only on the park tickets themselves, but on many of the costly amenities inside the parks as well.

Option three: Vacation Sites
The last — and in many cases best — option for the Internet-savvy vacationer is to look into vacation sites that specialize in cheap tickets. The key here is to keep an open mind and be willing to do a little math. There are many ways in which these sites can give you discounts — free nights, free tickets for the Xth member of your party, free transportation to and from your hotel, reduced airfare, and many many more. You just have to be willing to get into the nitty gritty and figure out which option is actually going to save you a good amount of money.

Seven Ways to Snag Busch Gardens Tickets At a Discount

When you’re on the hunt for some cheap Busch Gardens tickets, the old saw “where there’s a will, there’s a way” completely applies. All you have to do to get to the Busch Gardens without paying full price is to want to, and put these seven ideas to good use.

Second Visit Free – Not technically a discount on your ticket price, but many vacationers don’t realize that a single park Busch Gardens ticket will almost always have the option to allow the visitor to return any time within 7 days for another day of excitement without having to pay for another ticket. This rule applies even if you’re already getting a discount from another source.

Annual Pass – Similarly, if you’re going to be in the Tampa Bay area for an extended period of time, or multiple times across the year, an annual pass for Busch Gardens will quickly reach a lower cost-per-visit than a series of normal tickets or even discount tickets.

Employer Discounts – If you work for Busch Gardens or one of their affiliated companies, you can probably get deeply discounted tickets just by asking your HR department.

Free Military Tickets – An active member of any branch of the United States Military may bring themselves and up to three family members to Busch Gardens for free any time before December 31st, 2011. Look up HeroSalute for specifics on how.

Vacation Packages – Vacation packages are generally comprehensive, offering hotel, parking, park admission, and sometimes food benefits in a single package. You can often stack other special offers on top of a vacation package

Florida Resident’s Fun Card – If you are a Florida resident or you’re friends with a Florida resident, you can look up where to get a Florida Fun Card, which gives you greatly reduced prices on tickets to all manner of theme parks, from Busch Gardens tickets to Universal Studios tickets.

The Internet – Generally the easiest and the most effective tool for getting reduced costs on Busch Gardens tickets, all it takes is a little elbow (finger?) grease, a computer, and some persistence to find some excellent discounted Busch Gardens tickets online.


Orlando, Fla. (May 19, 2011) – Universal Orlando Resort today announced that its newest attraction will be based on Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s blockbuster 3-D-CGI feature “Despicable Me,” bringing minions, mayhem and a whole new level of 3-D family fun to its guests. The “Despicable Me” experience will replace the Jimmy Neutron attraction at Universal Studios Florida. Continue reading

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 10 Year Master Plan

NASA officials announced on 4/12/11 that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has been selected to permanently display space shuttle Atlantis upon retirement of the Space Shuttle Program. Atlantis, one of three orbiters in the space shuttle fleet, will fly the last scheduled space shuttle mission before being retired in 2011. 


The $100 million exhibit for Atlantis will be the marquee element of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s 10-year master plan. Initial design concepts for the 65,000 square-foot home for the space-flown orbiter include viewing the space shuttle “in flight,” showing how the spacecraft worked in space and providing a unique vantage point for guests to look at the complex vehicle up close. Complementing the orbiter display will be interactive features reflecting major accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.


Officials with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex plan to break ground on Atlantis’ new home in 2012 with a grand opening planned for 2013. The orbiter home will be located in the Shuttle Plaza at the main Visitor Complex; incorporating the Shuttle Launch Experience attraction. To purchase your Kennedy Space Center Tickets, please call our office toll free at 1-877-406-4836 TODAY.

Destress Your Next Vacation With Orlando Flex Tickets

It’s one of those paradoxical facts of life: a vacation can be quite a stressful thing if you’re not prepared — fortunately, there are certain tools like Orlando flex tickets that you can use to take some of that stress away. Orlando is famous for having more family-friendly theme parks than a typical family could possibly explore in a week’s vacation, and trying to explain to your kids why they can’t go to SeaWorld or will have to wait until next time to see the Busch Gardens can be a huge pain.

Enter the Orlando flex ticket, a special piece of paper you can purchase that will allow you to visit Universal Studios Florida®, Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, Sea World Orlando®, Aquatica Water Park®, Wet ‘n Wild®, and if you pay a little extra for the 6-park ticket, Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay as well. For the price of a single ticket to Disney World, you’ve instantly opened up your options to include everything from water slides to Shamu to the movie-based rides of Universal Studios.

That might not sound like much, until you realize that that Disney ticket only allows you to visit one section of Disney World each day — but the Orlando Flex ticket allows you to go to any park at any time. You don’t even have to worry about paying extra for parking, because you can present the receipt for your first parking payment (along with your Flex Ticket) to each other park, and they’ll let you park for free!

Not only does this ticket give you all of the flexibility and entertainment your family might need — plus parking on the cheap — but if you get the 6-park ticket that includes the Busch Gardens, you don’t even have to drive from Orlando to Tampa Bay to enjoy the Gardens. Regularly scheduled transportation leaves from SeaWorld and will take your family to Busch Gardens on their dime.

There will always be other aspects of your vacation that might bring you distress, but with the Orlando Flex Ticket, where to go will never be one of them.

Getting The Most Of Your Orlando Theme Park Vacation

You can count on any Orlando theme pack vacation being fun-filled — almost. There are always external factors that can spoil your experience or limit your ability to enjoy yourself to the fullest. That’s why it’s always wise to look for ways to keep your investment in such a vacation to a relative minimum. Continue reading

Nailing Those Disney World Discount Tickets

When you get ready for a family trip out to Disney World, discount tickets might not be the top priority on your mind. There are many other decisions that seem like they must be made first. Will you stay at a Disney World resort, or in a nearby hotel? Will you have to rent a car if you stay nearby, and if so, will it be more expensive to go with car plus off-site hotel than it would have to just have the onsite hotel? Continue reading