Oct 06 2010

Magic Kingdom ~ How To Navigate It & Save Money


How to navigate the Magic Kingdom and Save Money

How to navigate the Magic Kingdom and Save Money


Magic Kingdom ~ Many times I see people walking around the Magic Kingdom and they look like they are ready to collapse from exhaustion. I used to work at the Magic Kingdom, so I consider myself a park guru of sorts when it comes to the inns’ and out’s of getting around the theme park. The Magic Kingdom is a pretty small park when compared to other Orlando theme parks. Whenever I have friends who come down to visit and we take them over to visit the park, I always tell them to pack lite and drink plenty of water. The first trick is to bring your own food and drinks in a little collapsible cooler, like the one you can fold up and put in a locker. Don’t try to bring a beach type cooler as the security guards at the front of the Magic Kingdom will turn you away. Take small amounts of provisions with you and go immediately under the train station and rent a locker. The Magic Kingdom theme park can cost you $$$ if you buy the food there and after eating there, you might not feel so great at the end of the day if you know what I mean. Now that you have all of you daily provisions tucked away, let start with how to navigate the park. If you have ever been to the Magic Kingdom, you will notice that the sidewalks on the right hand side are wider. This is done for a scientific reason. Walt did some research into the natural flow of mass amounts of people and found that for some odd reason, people tended to walk on the right hand side, so Walt in his infinite wisdom, had his paths made wider on the right hand side to get the visitors in as easily as possible. Now, Main Street is not the Main Street that we are all in remembrance of when we were kids. There is no more arcade, movie theatre or the little side ally’s that used to hide the barber shop in. No, now they are filled with souvenirs shops and candy stores, so I always start off by getting on the Walt Disney World Railroad and traveling over to Frontierland. This, believe it or not, saves valuable energy in not having to walk all over the place, dodging the thousands of people in order to get there. Now that you are in Frontierland, enjoy the area, take pictures, have a snack and then get back on the train when you are ready to see something new and go over to Mickey’s Toon Town Fair. Along the way on the train, you will see little character sets along the train tracks before arriving at the train station. Now that you are over in eastern side of the park, you can visit Fantasyland and Tomorrowland at this stop. In just those two trips on the train, you just save yourself about a mile of walking. If you are here in the summer months, this mile could either make you or break you. Not too many folks are used to the Florida sun and heat, so I highly recommend using the train to your advantage. The Magic Kingdom is the crown jewel of the Walt Disney World resort and is the most visited of all the Orlando theme parks, so this park can be very crowded at anytime. So just remember that at any time during the year when visiting the Magic Kingdom theme park, plan accordingly and do some research on tips and tricks as there are many of them out there to help you better enjoy your visit to the world’s most famous theme park, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Please remember that single day Magic Kingdom tickets are not discounted, but we do carry them with a $5 service charge in order to help our travelers avoid the sometimes hour long lines to purchase their tickets. If you should need Magic Kingdom tickets, please call our office toll free at 1-877-406-4836 or just click here http://www.officialticketcenter.com/magic-kingdom-tickets.aspx



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