Aug 31 2014

Islands of Adventure Tickets: Are You Ready for this Exciting Park Option?

Do you think you can handle some of the fastest rides, biggest drops and sharpest turns in Florida?  Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando has been developing into quite the theme park over the last few years, featuring some of the most amazing rides you’ll find anywhere.  And thanks to the recent launch of the park’s immensely popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter, things have gotten even more exciting at Islands of Adventure.

Purchasing Islands of Adventure tickets means that you’ll have access to some incredibly exciting opportunities for fun!  At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you can check out the towering Hogwarts castle gates, ride the Flight of the Hippogriff and even explore hidden passageways, classrooms and corridors that are based on your favorite young adult book series.

Not into Harry Potter?  No problem, as there’s plenty of other things to see and do at Islands of Adventure.  Check out Marvel’s Super Hero Islands, have fun in the water with some cartoon character fun in the water rides at Toon Lagoon, and check out The Lost Continent, where you can come face to face with the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

With so many opportunities for fun and adventure, you may want to spend more than one day exploring this exciting park.  Multi-day passes and other discounts can make a trip to Islands of Adventure very affordable, so be sure to check out the latest deals before you go.  With some careful planning and a little bit of research, you’ll be well on your way to putting together the perfect Florida adventure for you and the ones that you love.

Aug 27 2014

Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba – An Amazing Circus Spectacle

Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney

Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney

Blessed with the world’s most incredible acts of acrobats and live performances, the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba show probably offers the best entertainment option of its kind in Florida. The one of a kind avant-garde circus spectacle is in fact a true inspiration to celebrate life in a way not possible in mundane world today. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of what an impressively innovative circus has to offer. And I think La Nouba is truly a magical delight whose inexpressible beauty is best experienced only when seeing it live by you personally.

La Nouba as the name suggests aims at giving an out of the world experience to its ever-increasing fan-base. Also it is exciting to know that among the most celebrated stage shows of the Cirque du Soleil production, La Nouba boasts some of the most difficult aspects of the Cirque shows. Whether it’s the awesome cast and their daring acts or their outrageous costumes and the moving live music with professional bands and singers, there awaits a whole new theatrical experience altogether. In fact it’s all about the incredible performances by a group of over sixty-five most talented artists from across the globe that makes the show one of the most favorite Cirque offerings ever.

All of the performers including gymnast, acrobats, dancers and clowns in the show are highly talented artists and professionals. They are extensively trained in the art of story-telling through movement in their bodies. Seeing them performing live in such high energy theatrical acts is a rare experience. As an audience it seems the journey of imagination has never been presented in such rich, engaging and awe-inspiring way. It is no surprise that while the performers contort on the suspended ropes the audience just get dragged into a world never seen before.

Imagine a show where every act performed is an extraordinary feat of imagination. Imagine a theatre that brings to you an incredible ninety minutes of art, life and high drama in the most engaging and mystifying way possible. La Nouba is a real theatrical delight of all times. The freestanding theatre at the Downtown Disney West Side of the WDW (Walt Disney World) Resort leaves no stone unturned to keep the excitement alive and ever -refreshing. Since inception there is always something new and exciting to cheer for at La Nouba, as the show never grows old.

Moreover, like all other favorite WDW attractions, Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba is also inspired with new experiences for fans and vacationers. And the latest option that is available for guests in this regard is the launch of the all new “L’Experience”. It offers a highly personalized and exclusive Cirque experience, including access to special behind-the-scene tour of the stage and opportunity to meet the favorite performers.

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Aug 24 2014

Planning a Florida Trip on Even the Tightest Budget with Orlando Ticket Deals

Planning a family vacation can be tough, especially when you have a modest budget that you must stick to and a big list of things that the whole family wants to see.  It isn’t impossible to plan a trip to Florida that you can afford, however, as there are so many ways to find Orlando ticket deals, great deals on hotels and even discounts on local events and attractions.  If you want to visit the magical theme parks and take in the beautiful beaches of Florida without breaking your budget, read on for our favorite traveler tips.

The biggest thing to remember when planning a budget trip to Orlando is that you should never pay full price for things like theme park tickets and any of the entertainment that you may want to see. You can always find discounted Disney passes, cheap passes for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens and even discounted flex passes for Universal Orlando online, so check out the latest deals before making your ticket purchase.

The area has plenty of smaller attractions as well, including the Medieval Times Dinner Theater and local zoos and aquariums that are fun to explore too.  To really stretch your budget, try mixing up some of the bigger theme park in the area with some of the less popular destinations.  Even though the theme parks are the biggest draw in Orlando, there are still plenty of other things to do and see and plenty of opportunities for fun outside of the park gates.  You just need to start exploring and see what you can find.

To take advantage of the many deals you’ll find in Florida, do your research ahead of time and always avoid buying your tickets at the park gates, as you’ll always end up paying more than if you had purchased them through a third-party authorized ticket seller.  Take your time when shopping around for the best deals on theme parks, events, hotels and even your flight, as there are tons of ways to save big when you plan ahead for your next trip to Florida.

Aug 17 2014

Discount Disney Park Tickets: Be Cautious If a Deal Seems to Good to Be True!

Have you ever been to a sports event and saw someone trying to use tickets that were likely stolen or fake?  In most cases, these tickets were purchased from scalpers or other dishonest folks that are just looking to make a buck off of nothing and in the end, the buyer ends up wasting their money on tickets that just don’t work.  Unfortunately, the same thing happens all the time at the Disney parks with fake discount Disney Park tickets.  If you see a ticket deal that seems too good to be true – it likely is.

Visitors who are looking the best deals or who have waited until the last minute to buy tickets and are approaching the park gates often run into scalpers and fake ticket sellers that act as if they are selling a legitimate product. The truth is, the majority of tickets you buy this way won’t get you into the park, as Disney requires a fingerprint of the buyer to use the ticket.  If you are trying to pass off a “used” ticket as your own or have purchased a ticket from an unauthorized seller, then you may find yourself very disappointed when you can’t get into the park.

There are some great ticket deals for Disney parks out there that are legitimate and completely legal.  The trick is to only buy tickets from an authorized Disney ticket seller and to always buy your tickets using a credit card so that you can stop payment and track the seller if the purchase ends up being fraudulent.  Anyone that insists you pay with cash isn’t working on your behalf and should be avoided.

As with anything else in life, taking some time to check out who you are buying from is the best way to protect your purchase.  Research the ticket seller and make sure they are legally allowed to sell Disney tickets (as only a handful of sellers are officially designated as “authorized Disney ticket sellers”,) and that they are running a legitimate business.  When it comes to getting a good deal on discount Disney tickets, it’s just a matter of having some common sense and always being aware of what you are paying for.

Aug 10 2014

Water Park Fun in Orlando: How to Find Cheap Typhoon Lagoon Tickets

Looking for a way to cool off in Florida while still having an exciting Disney adventure?  Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, the pretty 56-acre water park located in Orlando, is a incredibly exciting destination for the whole family.  Think that this thrilling water park is out of your budget?  Think again, as there are plenty of ways to find cheap Typhoon Lagoon tickets that can make it possible to add this unique destination to your Orlando vacation.

Typhoon Lagoon isn’t just a water park, it’s a fully immersive beach and water sports experience that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Orlando.  Not only does the park have a ton of fun water slides and exciting thrill rides, but there’s also a beautiful sandy beach, a lazy river for some extreme relaxation, and even a coral-reef that you can explore.  Explore the “water coasters’, race your family members on of the big slides or even try body surfing in one of the wave pools.  You’ll do it all in comfort, as even the water in the reef area is kept to a comfortable 75-80 degrees throughout the year.

When the weather gets a little too warm outside, there’s nothing better than taking a refreshing plunge into the clean waters at Typhoon Lagoon.  Got kids?  No problem!  Since this is a Disney park after all, there are plenty of opportunities for fun for the little ones as well.  The popular Ketchakiddee Creek is a wonderful play area that has several different activity areas, including a fun waterfall, real floating boats, smaller water slides, and plenty of squirting fountains.  It’s the perfect place for kids of all ages to cool off in the fun Orlando sun.

If you’ll be visiting more than one Disney park, choose a Park Hopper ticket that includes Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.  It’s typically the cheapest way to see the most parks and it helps visitors save big over purchasing tickets day-of at the gates.  Plus, you can avoid the lines and get into the parks faster and start having fun right away. In Orlando, what more can you ask for than that?

Aug 07 2014

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival – An Amazing Experience for Foodies

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

If ever there is a place where one can try all kinds of different foods, and pair finest of wines and beers with sweetest and savory dishes against one of the most magically themed backdrops then it is at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Truly this one of the most anticipated WDW (Walt Disney World) events turns the entire Epcot Theme Park into a food paradise.

Visiting the Park during the premier occasion is an amazing treat for all the food and wine lovers from across the globe. At every turn and every stop there is something very special and uniquely delicious for you to taste and try. In fact it puts you right in the middle of a culinary adventure unlike any other. Thanks to Epcot International Food & Wine Festival for such an incredible and unique experience.

Celebrated for its inspired culinary attractions, the special fall attraction offers the ultimate setting to explore the best of cuisine the World has to offer. Whether it’s the amazing food and beverage marketplaces or the lively food concerts, celebrity chef demos or the signature dinners and galas, it promises the most amazing culinary extravaganza ever.

From the moment one enters the park it turns into a never ending journey of food and flavors. Imagine a place where you are exposed to an incredible array of ever-inviting food booths with their all new mouth-watering menus and attention to detail ambiences. Or just think of an experience that puts you right in the middle of some incredible and live music-acts while you are enjoying your favorite foods, wine and beer.

I think for a Disney World fan a visit to this one of a kind event is a must. Being part of the epic celebration will not only make your vacation more special, but also exposes you to the wonderful world of tastes and aromas like never before. And regardless of whether you are attending the event for the first time or a repeat visitor for that matter, there will never be a dull moment at the party for sure. Also the addition of more and more new and innovative culinary attractions every year makes the event even more impressive to attend.

The annual event is having its 19th edition of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival this year. And like every year it brings along a host of new surprises for this year too, featuring new marketplace menus (such as the Patagonia Marketplace with flavors of Argentina and Chile) and a host of premium dining experiences and much more. No special ticket is required to attend this unique WDW event. The event is included with the regular Epcot admissions.

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Aug 03 2014

Tickets in Orlando: What Kind of Adventure Do You Want to Have?

When it comes to planning the perfect trip to Orlando, it can be tough to know exactly where to go, what to see and where to buy your tickets.  If you’ve already started looking around for cheap tickets in Orlando, you are likely finding tons of choices for all of the parks.  Disney, Universal, SeaWorld and more are all at your fingertips when you visit Orlando – what kind of adventure are you looking for?

While the easiest way to save on tickets to anything in Orlando is to buy them ahead of time, it’s not always easy to know exactly where you want to go.  Park hopper tickets are one good option for those who aren’t quite decided yet, as you’ll automatically be given a choice of several different parks to choose from with the purchase of one ticket.  This is a great option if you are planning on visiting the bigger parks, including Disney and Universal Orlando, as these contain several theme park options within their walls, and it can be pricey to buy tickets to each park individually.

When considering where to go in Orlando, think about what time of year you’ll be going and the people you will be travelling with.  If you are travelling with kids and the temps will be hot, then you’ll definitely want to include some water-themed adventures in your trip, as cooling off is essential in Florida.  There are plenty of water parks both big and small that have something to offer for everyone in the family, so check out your options before purchasing your tickets.

Don’t forget to include some of the out-of-the-box destinations for your trip, including a visit to the historic Kennedy Space Center for a tour of the NASA museum and close up views of real rocket launches, and a trip down to the Daytona 500 speedway for a tour.  There are plenty of things to see and do in Florida and some great deals to be had in the process.  Check out the latest deals on fun Florida destinations and attractions today!

Jul 28 2014

The Hogwarts Express Ride – An Experience So Uniquely Real

Diagon Alley Hogwarts Express

Diagon Alley Hogwarts Express

Traveling between J.K. Rowling’s fictional London and the Hogsmeade Village onboard the iconic train as a theme park guest has never been so stunningly real. I think the Hogwarts Express ride at the new Diagon Alley area of Universal Orlando Resort is one among the many new Potter attractions that boasts a whole new theme park experience altogether.

It’s no surprise that the most anticipated multiple parks ride -attraction brings to life the ultimate fun adventure that a muggle like me can ever think of. What was just started as a prop in 2010 is now a real steam locomotive that boasts the worlds most immersive and movie accurate train ride experience ever. I think Universal Orlando has set another blockbuster example by bringing to life the best of movie-quality magic with the new Hogwart Express attraction.

As the new Diagon Alley ride transports you from one individual park to the other you will be automatically dragged into the adventures of J.K.Rowling’s blockbuster fiction like never before. Moreover, while travelling on a train with such realistic detail (both in look and feel) the riders will completely forget that they are in Universal Orlando. Whether it’s the train cabins and their sizes or the paint they flaunt, the materials used or the train whistle for that matter everything is presented in minute detail, resembling the sights and sounds that the famous Author had first imagined in her books.

Powered by a genuine steam engine, the iconic train is surely a unique creation, showcases high-tech carriages with magical detail. Once inside, it takes you into a different world altogether. In fact from the moment one enters the King’s Cross Station at Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida Park everything turns into a movie. And then like Harry and others, guest will find their way to the most coveted platform in the world of magic- Platform 9 ¾. And just like the beloved characters did in the movie, visitors have to run through a brick wall to board the magical train to Hogsmeade. On the other hand those visiting the Islands of Adventure Park first will board the train at Hogsmeade to the London’s King’s Cross Station.

Also it is interesting to know that the all new train ride is something which even the Universal’s creative team is proud of. In fact it presents an entirely new concept in the history of theme park transportation. While guest enjoys the ride they are actually being transported from one park to another. But however, the excitement the ride offers is such that it puts you right in the middle of the most amazing journey between two most magical destinations that never exists.

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Jul 27 2014

Harry Potter, Spiderman & More: See it All with Discount Universal Studios Tickets

Where else can you experience for yourself the world of Harry Potter, fly through the air like Spiderman and tour real live production sets?  It’s all waiting for you with Universal Studios tickets and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Florida’s latest thrill-seeker destinations.  Featuring some of the most amazing rides in the country, unique exhibits and exciting entertainment, Universal Resort is a destination that is not to be missed

The parks that make up Universal Orlando are both so exciting that most visitors opt for tickets to both parks instead of trying to choose just one.   Both parks have rides, while Islands of Adventure is definitely the place to be for the fastest turns, dips and jumps.  This is where you can walk through Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley and ride state-of-the-art roller coasters designed around your favorite movie themes.

At Universal Studios, your family can literally go behind the scenes at this world premier theme park that is solely based around movies and television.  The studios include an actual working production facility that also happens to have some super fun rides, entertaining shows and even some amazing movie sets that you may recognize from a favorite film!  It’s a wonderful place for the whole family to really see how movies and TV are made and you never know, you may spot a star on set while you’re there.

Since the new Harry Potter addition to the park has made Universal an even more popular stop, most travel experts recommend purchasing at least a 2-day pass to visit the parks in order to get the most out of your experience.  You may find that you spend both days in the same park or that you hop back and forth from park to park as the crowds change.  A flex pass makes this possible without the hassles of waiting  in line just to buy a ticket.  Get in faster, start having fun and take your time exploring everything that Universal Orlando has to offer – it’s a fun escape from your everyday life and it’s sure to be fun for the entire family.

Jul 24 2014

Getting the Most Out of Your Walt Disney World Vacation Tickets

So you are going on vacation to sunny Central Florida and will be visiting the Walt Disney World Resort and are now in need of tickets. The first step in any travelers-to do-list will be choosing what parks they want to do and for how many day? Well this sounds about right, but there are a few very important issues that need to be discussed first. First of all there are four different theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. First and most famous is the Magic Kingdom, followed by EpcotHollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. In order to see all of these world famous attractions, you must first decide on what type of ticket you will need and in what capacity you wish to use them.

The most basic ticket offered is the Disney Base Ticket. The base ticket allows a guest to come into a selected Disney park and visit for the day at that particular park only. And moreover, as a visitor you may get in and out of the same park as many times throughout the day, but may not travel to another Disney park in that same day. You may buy as many days as you wish up to ten days for the Base Ticket.

Next will be the Disney Hopper Ticket. The Hopper Ticket allows a person to go to more than one Disney park in the same day. For example, a person might start the day at the Magic Kingdom then decide later on that day to finish up over at Epcot for dinner and drinks. This ticket will allow you to jump from one park to another park as many times in a day as you want. I always say that this ticket is worth the extra money as it gives the traveler the freedom to visit whatever Disney theme park they wish whenever they want.

Next is the Disney Water Park Fun & More Ticket. This ticket is the same exact ticket as the Disney Base ticket but comes with additional add-ons. The add-ons consist of the two Disney water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon LagoonDisney QuestESPN Wide World of Sports ComplexMiniature Golf at two different Disney courses and golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course. The amount of visits to any of the add-ons is determined by how many days you have purchased. For example, if you buy a fourth day Disney Water Park Fun & More ticket, you will receive four add-ons to choose from. This is a great ticket for the budget traveler giving you many things to do without the price.

Last is the Disney Park Hopper Water Park Fun & More Ticket. This ticket is the premium ticket and for good reason. This ticket is the regular Hopper ticket with all the bells and whistles. Not only do you get to Park Hop, but you get all of the add-ons to go with it. A good example would be that a person starts at Animal Kingdom and stays for the morning, then hops over to Hollywood Studios for lunch and their parade then finishes the evening swimming over at Typhoon Lagoon. The possibilities are endless. This is a ticket for the family who wants to experience everything that Disney World has to offer.

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