Nov 23 2014

Disney Alternatives: Save Big on a NASA Tour, Busch Gardens and Sea World!

When most people think of visiting Florida, they automatically think of the Disney parks.  While visiting Magic Kingdom and all of the other fun Disney resort locations is definitely a worthwhile experience for the right crowd, there are many other things to see and do while you’re here in sunny Florida.  Save big on tickets to a NASA Tour, Busch Gardens and even SeaWorld Orlando and see some different yet exciting sides to Florida that you may never have even considered.

If you’ve got a little astronaut or future scientist in your family, make sure you check out cheap tickets to the Kennedy Space Center to experience the NASA space program for yourself.  Tickets to the museum include a fully immersive experience that explores the history of our country’s space program.  Check out the now-retired Space Shuttle Atlantis face-to-face, experience the thrill of a shuttle launch in the state of the art simulator and even dine with an real-life astronaut!   The Kennedy Space Center in Orlando offers these experiences and more at a great price.

If you are looking  for another great alternative to Disney parks, be sure to check out Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens isn’t just a theme park, it’s a zoo and entertainment venue that provides an immersive African experience from start to finish.  See exotic animals, ride some of the fastest roller coasters in the area and have an amazing experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Finally, when considering alternatives to the traditional Disney vacation, don’t forget about SeaWorld.  SeaWorld can be a super fun way not just to have fun but to cool off as well.  The park has it’s traditional animal entertainment, and it also proudly offers some thrilling rides and great dining opportunities as well.

See for yourself how easy it is to have fun outside of the Disney theme parks by checking out the great deals on some of the other great parks today!   You can save big, have some new and incredible experiences and create some fantastic vacation memories for the whole family.  Start planning your next trip to Florida today and save big.

Nov 16 2014

Are There Really Orlando Attraction Tickets for the Whole Family?

It may sound too good to be true, but there truly is something for everyone in your whole family in Orlando.  Orlando isn’t just kid-friendly, it’s also home to some amazing adult-focused entertainment too.  When you want something that offers fun and innovative experiences for your kids along with some fun experiences for Mom and Dad as well, look no further than Orlando attraction tickets for your next vacation and get ready for some serious fun in the sun.

Outside of the standard must-sees like Walt Disney World and Epcot, consider including a stop to Discovery Cove if you are looking for a unique family experience.  The park, which limits admission to a small number per day, includes opportunities to swim with dolphins, feed large and small exotic birds and go snorkeling at the in-house coral reef.  The park also has a wonderful lazy river and secluded beaches for a peaceful “day at the beach” without making the drive to the coast.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is another great spot for adventure in Orlando that whole family will enjoy.  The park includes an authentic safari adventure in open Jeeps, where you’ll pass by the park’s residents, which include zebras, giraffes and even rhinos.  There are also plenty of opportunities to get close to the animals, thanks to multiple petting areas and trails throughout eh park.  And of course, there are some trademark Disney rides for those that want a more thrilling experience!

For the older kids or for Mom and Dad’s date night, consider a trip to Cirque du Soleil, the world famous circus show.  Located in the Downtown Disney district , where it is now permanently showcase, Cirque du Soleil offers a spectacular array of dizzying acrobatics, beautiful dance and elegant circus arts.  It’s an amazing experience that’s sure to stick with you long after you’ve left the show.

There’s so much to see and do in Florida that often the hardest part of planning a trip is simply deciding which places you most want to see.  Save money by purchasing discounted tickets and you’ll be able to see more of what you want.  It’s the smart way to plan a great trip that you can afford.

Nov 09 2014

Experience the Thrills, Chills & Excitement of Orlando with Busch Gardens Discount Tickets

Busch Gardens is one of Orlando’s best-kept secrets!  The park has some of the most exciting rides and amazing exhibits of all the theme parks yet doesn’t have the crowds that the bigger parks do.  When you visit at the right time and take advantage of Busch Gardens discount tickets, you can really get the most out of this thrilling park that is set in the heart of Tampa, Florida.  Take in the view of the African Serengeti, explore exotic animals and ride some of the fastest roller coasters around all in one park when you add a stop at Busch Gardens to your next trip to Florida.

Since opening in 1959, Busch Gardens has offered the perfect destination for those seeking an adventure that’s different from the Disney or Universal parks.  The entire park is designed around a fun and exotic African theme, complete with a full-scale jungle, huge roller coasters and exciting entertainment.  While many visitors visit Busch Gardens for the rides, many others come for the animals!  The park contains a number of exotic animals, including alligators, giraffes, lions, orangutans, rhinos and even a lion habitat.  The park features a safari-like adventure that allows you to see the animals up close, complete with a Jeep ride through the African terrains, and other opportunities, including feeding the giraffes and up-close tours of other animals.

Perhaps the biggest secret about Busch Gardens is that you can save big when you find great deals on tickets to the park.  Check out the latest deals from a trusted, authorized park ticket seller and see for yourself just how much you can save on this exciting Tampa adventure.  If you want to try something new and are looking for a change from the typical Disney adventure, Busch Gardens has something for everyone.  Bring the whole family!  There are plenty of opportunities for adventure for the young and old – check out the great deals today and see for yourself how affordable is to have fun at Busch Gardens.

Nov 02 2014

Creating Memories They’ll Never Forget with Discount Disney Tickets for the Whole Family

When it comes to finding the best deals and getting your shopping done fast, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to give your family this holiday season.  Putting together a Disney vacation is one exciting option that can simplify your holiday shopping and by booking early, you’ll save big on the hottest hotels, parks and attractions that Orlando has to offer!

Discount Disney tickets can make it possible to bring the whole family to Florida for the trip of a lifetime, but the trick is to know who you are buying from and to make sure to only purchase tickets from an authorized ticket seller.  There are plenty of opportunities for scam artists to prey on unsuspecting tourists in Orlando, so be wary of deals that seem to good to be true and of “ticket agents” that are found just outside the park gates and on craigslist.

While you may be offered a discount off the list prices if you call the Disney vacation line and book a package directly with the resort, you are likely still paying an exorbitant amount for your trip.  The little known secret about Orlando travel is that you never buy tickets from the parks or hotels directly, as there are some amazing discounts out there from legitimate ticket sellers.  The deals are so great, in fact, that you can often double the number of parks you are able to see because you afford more tickets in the end. It’s simple math that just makes sense when you’re planning a family trip to Orlando.

Before you start making your holiday list, consider avoiding all the shopping stress altogether and giving them the trip that they’ve been waiting for.  Just imagine their surprise on Christmas morning when they open up a giant gift basket stuffed full of Disney toys and find out they are going to meet the Mouse in person?  It’s an amazing gift that your family will love and that won’t break your budget, so check out the latest Disney discounts today.

Oct 29 2014

Is Reservation the Answer to Theme Parks’ Fight Against Long Wait Lines?

No More Waiting in Lines

No More Waiting in Lines

Orlando’s theme parks are the world’s most celebrated destinations of fun and fascinations that exceed all imaginations.. But the long and unexpected queues or wait lines often found in front of the favorite rides and attractions here invariably act as a barrier to the unique experience that every family or a vacationer dreams of. The unavoidable long lines in fact are the biggest challenges for the theme park administrations as well. It’s really interesting to know that the entire industry is taking the war against wait lines seriously. And being a ride enthusiast myself, I think the concept of wait lines will soon be a forgotten past.

Moreover, the advent of ride reservation systems like the WDW’s (Walt Disney World) Fastpass+ Reservation program has shown a better way to deal with the waiting menace. In fact the unique Program is seen as a potential savior, enabling fans to enjoy their favorite rides without worrying about the lines. Though implemented, the program is yet in the testing stage and often becomes the most popular topic of discussions for theme park fans and groups.

If speculations are to be believed then the future rides will be totally reserved. This however makes it mandatory for visitors to choose and book their rides well in advance. There is no doubt that the new and advanced reservation systems are meant to improve the flow of guests during park hours. But then they have their own downsides too. For example visitors who fail to snatch up their share of fastpass- reservations before they run out will have no other alternatives to enjoy their favorite rides for the day. Also there are some who think that theme parks are at risk of earning the visitors ire. According to them by making popular attractions available only through advance booking and forcing guests to plot out plans weeks and months ahead the parks are killing the spontaneity.

Whether you love it or hate it, but the shift towards Ride Reservations has already taken place. With WDW being the biggest investor in this regard, I think there is little to be done with the Lines in future theme park rides for sure. The FastPass+ Reservation System is definitely a unique effort on part of the Disney Orlando Resort. It provides you with a so-called time window when to arrive and hop on in a jiffy. After all theme park guests are happier when they aren’t waiting in lines for hours. This also helps them to buy more quality times for other attractions during the visit.

Orlando vacations are always expensive. And tickets play a major role in influencing the same. But there are many other options available to help you stay on budget. And I suggest you to visit the authorized agents and brokers for some real savings. If you are looking for discounts on your Disney Tickets and passes to exclusive Orlando attractions and events, including discount Sea World and Universal Studios tickets and other special theme park packages you can also consult WDW recommended Kissimmee based ticket Re-Seller – The Official Ticket Center

Oct 26 2014

Making the Most of Your Vacation with Orlando Flex Tickets

If you haven’t visited Orlando recently or have never been to this fun area at all, you may be surprised at just how many premium theme parks are now easily accessible throughout the area.  Not only have the Disney resort properties experienced dramatic growth, but Universal Orlando, LEGOland , SeaWorld and other exciting parks have also become bigger and better than ever before.

Are you wondering how you’ll ever be able to see all of these parks, especially when ticket prices aren’t cheap?  Orlando flex tickets may be just what you need to plan the most exciting yet affordable trip.  Many visitors don’t do their homework before arriving and end up purchasing more expensive tickets at the park gates or at the park’s website.  You’ll be amazed at how much you can save when you take advantage of Orlando flex tickets.

Typical Orlando flex tickets allow you to see several of the most popular parks for one flat, affordable rate.  If your family likes to park hop, then this option offers the most value and convenience for the price.  The prices are typically valid for two weeks, and you can get into the parks as many times as you want – it definitely makes sense when you compare the cost of paying for one admission at the gate.

Travelling with kids?  No problem!  Orlando flex ticket packages in Orlando are available for kid’s tickets too, making it easy for the whole family to save big on some amazing adventures.  They’ll get access to the same parks but at even more affordable discounted park admission rates for kids.Taking advantage of Orlando flex tickets is a smart choice for travelers that want to maximize their travel budget without sacrificing any of the fun that Central Florida has to offer.  When it’s time to plan your perfect family vacation, take advantage of the latest Orlando flex ticket deals!  Enjoy big savings and even bigger adventures at the best theme parks in the country.  It’s an experience that the whole family will never forget.

Oct 19 2014

Does Using a Flex Ticket in Orlando Really Save You Money at the Big Theme Parks?

If you are planning a trip to Orlando and are checking out all of the package deals and hot discounts on tickets, you may be wondering just which deals are legit and which ones are too good to be true.  One case in which buying a special type of ticket in advance is a good deal is flex tickets.  If you want to get into multiple parks without blowing your entire travel budget on park tickets, then you absolutely need a flex ticket in Orlando to get it done.  Not only will you get to see more of the parks that you want, but the terms of the tickets and the deals you can find are very fair as well.

Disney used to be the only company that offered flex tickets to its multiple parks, but now it’s easy to find tickets for other parks, including SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Orlando and Busch Gardens.  No matter what you want to see, there’s an affordable flex ticket package that will suit your needs.

The beauty of flex tickets in Orlando is that many different types of business are starting to utilize them, including  most of the smaller water parks, museums and zoos as well.   This makes it easy to plan a trip to Orlando that includes a large variety of activities and theme parks to choose from and not the same old one or two parks that most people are used to.

This year, make your trip to Orlando worthwhile by taking advantage of all the benefits that flex tickets offer for all of the big theme parks and the smaller destinations as well.  You won’t believe how much you can save when you purchase these deals from an authorized ticket seller, and with so many different parks to choose from, the opportunities for fun are endless.  Check out the latest flex pass deals today and see how much fun it is to choose several different parks to include on your trip to Orlando.  Who knows, with so many great deals on the hottest parks, you may have to extend your trip to take in all the fun, so plan accordingly!

Oct 17 2014

Disney World’s Frozen Fever Shows No Signs of Thawing Its Popularity

Disney Frozen Fever

Disney Frozen Fever

An overwhelming force is invincible by nature. Often it’s the cause of historic changes in life. There is nothing one can do to overcome the glory of such an irrefutable power, except giving up and go with the flow. And perhaps to my greatest excitement the WDW’s (Walt Disney World) Frozen Fever is a true example in this regard. What has been introduced as a highly temporary set-up turns into one of the most explosive theme-park surprises of all times. Given the anticipations and aggressions that the Frozen-inspired attractions register in such a short span is beyond anyone’s expectations. With Frozen at the helm, I think the Mouse has a new alternative to Universal Orlando’s Harry Potter experience for sure.

The new Disney animation blockbuster is definitely a big hit in all its formats. Whether it’s on the screens or as attractions in the Parks, there is no sign of thawing its popularity. Spreading its magical charm across the length and breadth of the WDW Resort, Frozen indeed seems to usher a new beginning in the history of theme park experience after what the multi-park Harry Potter attraction did for the Universal Orlando fans. Started as a rather standard cross media play at the Hollywood Studios, the story of the Norwegian Sisters is interestingly quick enough in extending its incredibly alluring influences at the other Disney World Parks as well.

Bringing the fun and excitements from one of Disney’s highest earning blockbusters to the most magical Parks of Orlando in such overwhelming style is more than just encouraging to me. In fact the kind of response as received by the twin heroines (Anna and Elsa), be it at the Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom or the Epcot for that matter is surprisingly explosive. And the anticipations that follow in this regard only suggest one thing – the birth of one of the most irresistible and never-before theme park experience.

Moreover, if the mere availability of the twin heroines for meeting and greeting can register such record-breaking long wait-times in the parks, I think there is no harm in being a bit extra-obsessive about bringing to life the fantasy-filled story in a more detailed manner. In fact the plan to create a more prominent and perfect setting for the attraction is a wise move on part of Disney. Off-course it cost dearly for all the Maelstrom fans out there at the Norway Pavilion of Epcot. But then it’s only taken over by another and most fancied Norwegian attraction from the reigning animated blockbuster, which is showing no signs of thawing its popularity.

Orlando vacations are always expensive. And tickets play a major role in influencing the same. But there are many other options available to help you stay on budget. And I suggest you to visit the authorized agents and brokers for some real savings. If you are looking for discounts on your Disney Tickets and passes to exclusive Orlando attractions and events, including discount Sea World and Universal Studios tickets and other special theme park packages you can also consult WDW recommended Kissimmee based ticket Re-Seller – The Official Ticket Center.

Oct 12 2014

See the Best the Florida Has to Offer While Saving Big on Orlando Attraction Tickets

When you are trying to see Florida on a budget, you may think that you’ll be stuck with second-rate theme parks and budget motels.  The truth is, even the smallest budgets can afford some of the great deals you can find on the biggest Florida parks, including the Disney parks, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando.  However, you won’t find these deals at the park or on sites like EBay or Craigslist.  You can only find them online from an authorized theme park ticket seller.

Orlando attraction tickets can definitely be expensive.  Many people find that once they buy their plane tickets and get a hotel room that there’s not a lot left over for the fun stuff!  But not to fear, there are some really great deals out there on some of the best attractions.

Looking for alternatives to the big parks?  Check out great deals on the Medieval Times Dinner Show, Pirates Dinner Adventure, Wet N Wild water park and LEGOLAND, the popular destination for kids young and those who are young at heart.  There’s so much to see and discounted attraction ticket can make it possible to see even more than you thought possible.

Buying from an authorized ticket seller means not only that you’ll be getting the best value, but also that you can rest assured that your tickets are genuine.  Unfortunately, scam artists love to prey on the huge numbers of travellers that come from all over the world to visit the beautiful sunshine state and there are a number of fake ticket deals that you should be aware of.  Protect yourself by never purchasing park tickets from a random person on the street, never using cash for tickets and only buying tickets from someone that is authorized to sell them.

It’s pretty easy to spot the scammers when you know what to look for, so always be aware of your surroundings.  To avoid any confusion all together, buy your tickets before you come!  You’ll enjoy the biggest savings and all of your ticket purchases will be taken care of before you get here.

Oct 05 2014

Soak in the Sun & Have Fun with Discounted Blizzard Beach Tickets

Want to experience what happens when a popular ski resort suffers a big meltdown in the middle of the hot Florida sun?  Pick up some Disney’s Blizzard Beach tickets and experience for yourself  this unique, exciting and thrilling take on traditional family water parks.   Featuring exciting rides, a lazy river and that extra Disney touch that makes all of their parks so special, Blizzard Beach truly has something exciting to offer everyone in your family.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a truly unique water park that is unlike any other water park experience you’ll have in Florida.  Don’t be fooled by the Disney name and think that this is just a cutesy water park experience.  Blizzard Beach water park contains some incredibly exciting water slides, including a 120-foot high water slide that’s set on a steep ski slope, and  the Downhill Double Dipper for a crazy fast downhill race.  The park also has a beautiful and refreshing lazy river for those that prefer a slower pace in the water, and plenty of opportunities for fun for the little ones as well.

For those looking for something that the whole family will love, Blizzard Beach is definitely an important stop to include on your next trip to Orlando.  Offering a welcome respite from the hot Florida sun, you’ll experience all the thrills, chills and fun experiences that create the best memories for your family at this water park, while also enjoying some refreshing relaxation.  Cool off, enjoy some water slides or just be lazy and float along the river all day.  It’s all up to you when you visit Disney’s Blizzard Beach in Orlando.

Before you visit Blizzard Beach, be sure to take advantage of all the great deals on multi-day and multi-park tickets and see for yourself how easy it is to add a stop to Disney’s favorite water park to your trip.  When they see how much fun is in store at Blizzard Beach, your whole family will thank you for including this amazing water park in your travel itinerary.